25/10 Thursday 20h00 - The Steam Room Story

Yesterday I worked hard at the gym then smiled all the way to the steam room. On my way to the showers (it's polite to shower all your sweat off before hoping into the steam room - a rule I don't think many follow) I saw what I thought was a fully naked woman sitting with her legs wide open in the steam room (it's steamy so didn't see any actual... bits). I was thinking "shit, I really don't want to go into a steam room with a fully naked woman, shit, shit, shit"... thought bugger this and walked over to get in. As I was hanging up my towel I saw this person jump up and quickly come to the door. As the door opened I looked up and shock-shock-horror-horror it's was a man!! The poor thing had the tiniest little white towel that he was trying unsuccessfully to use to hide his bits. Was very amusing!

PS. The below images are 100% accurate - this is what we both looked like!!

This is what should have happened...

This is what really happened...

28/10 Thursday - 18h30

I went to Sandton after work with one mission in mind: Get a swimming costume that can be worn at gym. I found this one, fell in love with it (well, to be honest I fell in love with another one at Woolworths - was incredible - but was R500 so fell out of love with it and in love with this cheaper one) and bought it - don't think it's very gym friendly though...

28/10 Thursday - 14h30

My machine just crashed and I still can't get back on to check how much work I lost. f^$%!

Can't drink at work so will do the next best thing while I wait for the server to come back up... numb the pain with another shot of caffeine...

28/10 Thursday - 06h30

Nothing beats peanut butter, sliced banana and honey in the morning...

27/10 Wednesday - 18h30

I took these pics before I actually turned into a monster last night so find them quite amusing now. Isn't it terrible how you can go from normal (as normal as a parent can be) to mental monster in the space of 5 short seconds. Shit it can be tough trying to be a "good parent". I think the problem is trying too hard to keep your children happy all the time... no one can be happy every minute of every day...

Anyway, on a brighter note, after Ethan and I calmed down and stopped freaking out at each other he convinced me to take us to the gym... felt so much better after that.

The other day I told Ethan that we need to practice Afrikaans (I had been laughed at twice in 1 week for my terrible Afrikaans). So the idea was that as soon as we get home we are to only speak to one another in Afrikaans for half an hour. Needless to say we keep forgetting to do this. This morning on the way to school we were laughing because I said that we should have started it last night as we could have fought in Afrikaans, would at least have been amusing and educational!

27/10 Wednesday - 16h15

Just painted my nails with this Revlon nail enamel - it's scented - smells like cherries!

26/10 Tuesday

I finally got off my lazy ass and back into a gym. I only have this free month to train there but I enjoyed being able to train with Ethan so much I am now surfing the net for someone who wants to sell their contract to me... so if you know of anyone please let me know. Thanks!

PS. Made a few more Halloween decorations for the party

25/10 Monday

 An exhausting day! But managed to finally fry Halloumi successfully! YAY... so happy (the small pleasure in life). Also got started on our Halloween party decorations.

24/10 Sunday

I spent the entire day in my pj's... when Ethan came home it was the first time that day that I opened the door. Most think that's shocking I think it's wonderful!

Anyway, when Ethan came home from his dad's place we watched Trevor Noah, Daywalker. He is brilliant - and so incredibly H.O.T!! Every time he did something sexual and Ethan looked at me confused and asked what he was talking about I just got a dumb look on my face and shrugged my shoulders - wouldn't recommend you watch it with your impresionable 9 year old...

Ethan and I haven't found anything nice to do on Halloween this year so Ethan asked if he could have a Halloween party at our house this Sunday. Heeeeeeeee... I wanted to say no as I suck at throwing parties (no one ever comes) but he got so incredibly excited so I couldn't say no. He couldn't even wait an extra day for me to make invitations so he made these himself. I hope someone comes...

23/10 Saturday

Saturday morning I was broke enough to finally sort out the 50c pieces Ethan and I have been saving. I bagged them and took them to the bank - got R250 for them - not bad!

My mom and I then took my gran to the Rose Gardens at Emmarentia. She had been wanting to go for some time... we didn't realise how "old people unfriendly" it was - there's mostly stairs and when you do find a ramp it's at a 90 degree angle, not very practical. Anyway we took her for scones and tea and vowed never to take her 86 year old self on a hike like that again.(I ate pancakes with friends banana, caramel and ice-cream - WOW!)

That evening Karen came over and we drank wine and ate sushi - was so nice. I was so "happy" (don't like the word tipsy) that I was asking everyone the meaning of life - I always forget to take photos of these fun moments :(

22/10 Friday - 12h30 - Lunch

Charlene and I have a nice arrangement - I give her lifts - she gives me food (thanks Charlene's mom, it was delicious!)

21/10 Thursday - 19h00

As soon as I got home I started watching girlie movies - managed three of them inbetween muching on chocolate and eating an unhealthy "dinner" - loved every minute of it!

21/10 Thursday - 18h00

At roughly 6pm every day there is the most beautiful light that shines into my bathroom window as the sun begins to set... it's beautiful and make me incredibly happy

21/10 Thursday - 10h30 - Fashion Shoot

20/10 Wednesday - 18h00

Finally got my computer back and have managed to successfully load Adobe CS3, iTunes and Call of Duty onto it. YAY! Now I just need work!!!!

20/10 Wednesday - 12h30 - Lunch

20/10 Wednesday - 07h25 - No, that's not depressing!

This morning I decided I have to organise the December holidays. Figure out when Ethan will be with me and when he will be with his dad. Now, I already know plans have changed now that I am no longer going to Mauritius  (*wail* *sob* *hit head on desk*) but then I went through my diary and saw it there - written in ink and my heart bled... how f&%&ing depressing.

PS. I need something to do on Christmas Day, I don't have Ethan and want to do something different so I don't miss him... any ideas welcome. Thanks

PPS. I might sound morbid at the moment but promise I will put good happy things up, as soon as they happen :)

19/10 Tuesday - My Day

I think I'm guilty of only putting the nice things that happen in my day which kind of defies the whole point of this blog... that's not a true reflection of my day... so I am going to put it all, the good and the bad.

On the way home this evening I did a bit of grocery shopping, when I walked outside I was greeted with the exciting sight. I got so happy, thought there was going to be one hell of a huge storm (which is exactly what my mood called for). I rushed home and waited, and waited, and waited... nothing. What a let down.

Then I did a load of washing and when I took the clothes out to hang them up I found these prickly, sticky little things on ALL my clothes. Ethan had apparently fallen into a whole load of these whilst he was playing. The rest of my evening was spent picking them off everything. Exciting night!!

17/10 Sunday - 07h30 - Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon

I signed Ethan and I up for the 5km Avon Justine Ithemba walkathon but when we got to the VIP tent and opened our goodie bags I saw we were signed up for the 8km walk! Ethan did so well, very proud of him. There were so many people walking with signs and pictures strapped to their backs of people they know who've died from breast cancer - it was quite an emotional walk.

16/10 Saturday - 16h00 - Delta tree climbing adventure

A bit of fresh air and a walk turned in to a tree climbing, pole balancing adventure. Fun!