30/07 Friday 15h00

Have you ever had a dream where you're in a really busy shopping centre (let's say Sandton city) and there are tons of people walking past and looking at you. You're sitting there.... on the toilet, and you can't wee because everyone is looking at you? It's awful!

Now, that is the EXACT same feeling I get when I go to the bathroom here at work. I thought it was just me but I just spoke to two other girls that work with me and they feel the same way! We think it's because it's such a tiny bathroom and they toilets are squished together - you can even see the other people's feet under the wall... horrible!

28/07 Wednesday 18h00

The ONLY good thing about being sick is getting to eat chinese chicken and corn soup... Oh, and I highly recommend taking Advil cs - not only does it cure you but it also gives you a lovely deep drugged up sleep!

28/07 Wednesday 08h00

Today while I was out at a shoot they delivered Ethan's bike. I found a mongoose trick bike on Bidorbuy for him. The guy I bought it from was awesome - he got his driver to come and deliver it free of charge. Nice! I'd better go back on and give him a good rating. He even rated me as a buyer..."An absolute pleasure to deal with an honorable descent buyer such as this, very rare indeed A+++++" - nice!
PS. Ethan loves his bike

27/07 Tuesday 19h00

Ethan and I were invited to Dave's house for Dinner. His sister cooked us all a delicious roast lamb with baked potatoes, minty peas and steamed carrots. YUM! Oh how I love mint sauce

27/07 Tuesday 16h00

I just stumbled upon a website called foodbuzz and I'm so excited... how much fun! Now I need to start cooking and blogging more about food - not tonight though - tonight I'm having roast lamb and minted peas made for me... YUM!

27/07 Tuesday 15h00

Sick - yuk!

27/07 Tuesday 11h00

Spotted this morning: Ladybug crawling on bathroom wall - hoping this is a sign of good luck for the day

25/07 Sunday 10h00

Sunday was a quiet day - which was just what I wanted. Baked banana, coconut and cashnet nut muffins. Then gate crashed Dave's touch rugby with Ethan where we spent some time kicking a ball around. That night Ethan said (in quite a suprised, proud voice) that I'm a very good soccer player. YAY! Good weekend :)

24/07 Saturday 11h00

Saturday morning I decided to venture into Ethan's room and attempt a clean up mission. Ethan had friends over the whole day which was brilliant as it meant he was too preoccupied to notice me throwing any of his things away. I took pictures so I could show you some of the "things" he liked to keep in his room.

Take exhibit A for example. It is a plastic water bottle that he filled with everything and anything he could find, then left in a cupboard for months to see if it would become a stink bomb (note the "do not touch plese" sign on it - he still doesn't know it's gone).

Exhibit B is something he made about a year ago and kept on his floor... he didn't play with it, it just sat there colleting dust and taking up space. I got his permission to throw it away, but only after agreeing to pay him for the honor! Later that night he said he was glad I threw his junk away???

4 long hours, 5 black dustbin bags and R20 later he had a beautiful clean room. Mission accomplished!

24/07 Saturday 10h00

Spring is on it's way!! I have a beautiful tree right outside my bedroom window (one of the reasons I decided to move there) and in winter it looks so sad and lonely. This morning I looked out and saw this! - little buds starting to grow - this always makes me happy.

23/07 Friday 19h00

Ethan was so excited to be playing a night match. Was freezing - but nothing a couple sips of Old Brown sherry couldn't fix. They played against the Crusaders (St. Stithians boys) and did really well - definately improving. However, I did note a lot more falling and rolling around whilst gripping their legs in pain - funny how this only happens now after watching the world cup!

23/07 Friday 16h00

I went home early and decided to try and photograph my pretty blue dress. It didn't quite work out (room too dark and all the other rooms to cold) so just played with the camera. Was fun, I highly recommend taking random photographs of yourself!

23/07 Friday 12h00

I'm trying desperately hard to be happy with my increase but even the cake I had (to try and cheer me up) was sad!

22/07 Thursday 11h30

My dad took this picture at the Lion & Rhino park - I think it's absolutely beautiful! Later the same day the guy that works there got attacked by his tigers. Scary!

22/07 Thursday 08h00

Ethan captured this beautiful sunrise on the way to school this morning... I am hoping it's a sign of the day to come. Please, oh please let it be a beautiful day!

21/07 Wednesday 10h00

I'm going through my old disc's finding all the work I did so I can put something together to try and help me rustle up some freelance work. I had totally forgotten about hese Heat Magazine layouts. I kind of miss the fun-ness of them all!

I even got to be in the mag - my 15 seconds of fame before they decided they should be using actual celebs to do the exercises :(

21/07 Wednesday 08h30

Dave took this picture on Sunday and I made him promise not to put it up on Facebook. I have absolutely no make-up on, I'm wearing the clothes from the day before, I'm hungover and feeling sick, but for some reason I really like it.

21/07 Wednesday 07h30

Every school morning I get to work just after 7 - this morning it was worth it because I got to have a hot cup of coffee and a slice of homemade banana bread. I think I went a little overboard with the ingedients in my banana bread (banana [obs], coconut and cashew nuts) but, who cares!

20/07 Tuesday 18h00

I'm really getting sick of winter. It always gets to that point where you can no longer bear the layers of clothes, you're tired of getting up in the dark and your skin is flakier than a flaky pastry spare-rib pie! ENOUGH!

So, you resort to comfort to get you through those last few cold, dark, lonely months. I'm talking about Hot Chocolate, card games and huge homemade burgers (not pictured - my tummy couldn't wait)!

20/07 Tuesday 15h00

I've been feeling sick and down for the last couple of days when TA-DA - a bunch of beautiful roses arrived at my work for me. The card read "Just wanted to brighten your day" and that's exactly what they did! Thanks D x

18/07 Sunday 12h00

As I've said before, I am not a dog person. I get a dog, get bored with it and leave it at my parents place. Terrible I know, but that's how I am. HOWEVER, whilst visiting Dave's sisters dogs I came across this incredibly cute creature, can't even really call it a dog - I want it, NOW!

16/07 Friday 19h30

On the way home from work I got invited to Angie's birthday dinner by Dave... I had nothing to wear (have been too lazy to do washing) so I went to the shops and found a BARGAIN! I pretty plain blue (summer) dress from Ackermans - will take a picture of it. I say it was a bargain because it was only R69.95!!! Love it!

The night was great - I can't believe someone can have THAT many friends! Might need to rent her friends out when my birthday comes around!

Two great things came from that night - I got to drink Patrone!! and the friends got to rip off their dolphin ball necklaces!

10/07 Saturday 09h00

I had just dropped Ethan off at his dads house and was driving home being a baby - feeling sorry for myself and not knowing what to do with my day. So I stopped off at Delta for a bit of a walk and a sit in the sun. Felt like a bit of a weirdo being the only person there without a dog. I did get slobbered all over by a huge Alsatian who apparently thought I was his owner (I'm not a big dog person)...

09/07 Friday 18h00

Today was my wonderful mom's 62nd birthday. We all met up and had a fondue, was a lovely evening!