31.01.2011 - 13h30

Went to Ethans school to pick up some things from the 2nd hand store. Landed up finding a blazer and school shorts in the "lost property" section and buying a PT shirt for only R35. Now, Ethan did lose his blazer and shorts... but am not sure these are his - woman told me to take them anyway, so it's not stealing!

Felt so good with my finds that I spoilt myself to some sushi for lunch. Yum!

31.01.2011 - 12h00

A HUGE box arrived on my desk. Opened it and found these two little things from Essie inside. They're really pretty but what a waste of a box!

31.01.2011 - 05h30

Last sunrise of January 2011, and it's a beautiful one!

28.01.2011 - 19h00

I spent Friday evening with Karen at a restaurant in 44 Stanley called Il Giardino Degli Ulivi. It was the most beautifully romantic evening (just with no man by my side). Couples were even getting up and dancing by their tables. You sit outside, surrounded by candles and listening to live music, performed by her friend Christine from The Runaway Train Cult

It was so beautiful I've decided that I HAVE to have my birthday dinner there. The pics don't do it any justice, I was a bit lzay with the picture taking this weekend.

27.01.2011 - 16h00

I spent the whole day searching on the net for the perfect shade of red. Found and fell in love with a colour. Rushed off to the hair salon and realised I'd forgotten the pic at home. As a result my hair is WAY darker then I wanted it but I'm still happy... it's a change and that's exactly what I needed.

Friday evening I fetched Benedikt and took him to Moyo for his last night in South Africa (no pressure). Was a beautiful evening.

27.01.2011 - 14h06

ASOS has the most beautiful clothes! It makes me want to rush out for sewing lessons and start making my own clothes. Beautiful!

27.01.2011 - 06h45

26.01.2011 - 07h15

Yesterday after work I took my DSTV decoder in to be fixed - they gave me a new one. YAY! So... last night I was able to laze on my couch and channel hop. I came across a comedy show with Michael McIntyre. He made me laugh so much that I have now absolutely fallen in Love. LOve. LOVe. LOVE HIM!

So this morning when I came into work I made a cup of coffee, called Charlene over and watched a show on You Tube. I have decided we need to laugh MUCH more so will be doing this on a daily basis.

25.01.2011 - 19h00

I really do believe I must have pissed off the Karma gods somewhere along the line... everythings breaking at home...

1) DSTV is not working
 Need to take it in to see if the decoder has died on me. Missed Grey's for the third time in a row!

2) Bathroom light is falling out of roof
At first it was just the globe that needed replacing so yesterday I bought a screwdriver. Took the cover off. Replaced the globe. Light went on. Felt really proud of myself. Tried to put cover back on. Whole light fitting started to fall out of ceiling. Pissed off. Now have wonky bathroom light with no covering.

3) Washing machine is flooding my kitchen floor every night
I ignored the leak for as long as I could (probably not the best idea) but I can't ignore it anymore. It is literally flooding my kitchen every time I wash (which is every night)! Googled how to fix leaky Samsung washing machine (no lie). Went home. Turned machine on side. Inspected machine. Found nothing. Got my new best friend out (the screwdriver). Took back off machine. Inspected inside. Nothing. Shit!

24.01.2011 - 11h00

Bought myself a screwdriver today. The thought of having to go home to try and fix my bathroom light fills me with fear...

24.01.2011 - 06h35

Lately it feels like everyone is moving away and I'm left behind (yes, feeling a little sorry for myself). Well, this morning when I went to draw some cash I got to imagine I was living in America for all of 2 minutes. Fun.

23.01.2011 - 10h00

The whole family was supposed to go on a hike / picnic but when we woke up to rain we decided to cancel. Instead I bundled all the kids into the car and took them for a bit of tenpin bowling (I only came 2nd!!!???) and pool. Ended the day with some sun and swimming. Nice but exhausting weekend. Feel like I need to take my butt off to a buddhist temple to sit in silence for a day or two...

22.01.2011 - 14h00

Today was my nieces 6th birthday party. I went with the intention of taking lots of beautiful pics of the party and NOT, I repeat NOT eating any junk but landed up sitting on my ass devouring chewy sweets. By the end of the day I had so many sweetie wrappers shoved into my pockets that I bet if I flattened them all out and sewed them together I could have made myself a brand new fat dress! Thus, that is the reason there is not one single picture of my niece Sarah, oops....

PS. My favorite part of the party was when my nephew Jared shoved the birthday candles into Hannah Montana eyeballs! Yay Jared!

So yet again I am going to steal some pics that my dad took (it was a jeepers creepers creepy crawly kids party - what 6 year old girl likes creep crawly's?!)