19.02.2016 - 09h00 - I'm so cool

Look how cool I am now!

Jenny got given a pair of VANS that she didn't want.

Thanks Jen and VANS - I can confidently walk next to my teen son now!

19.02.2016 - 07h45 - I want in!

I walked past this door in the office. Look how many locks there are!

19.02.2016 - 07h20 - Not a bad view

Lately I've become a little bored with the daily routine.
But this morning this view on the way to work made me quite happy :)

18.02.2016 - 14h30 - My Glam Life

Glam moment #1
Rescue third couch pillow from the lovely beagles

Glam moment #2
Spend my morning convincing my son that he needs to go to school

Glam moment #3
Fetch my gorgeous mouth guard from the dentist. Super sexy.

Wonder what the rest of the day holds in store for me...

17.02.2016 - 18h30 - Love me a bargain!

I love chocolate! and I love a bargain!

Woolworths has a special on their Coffee Blast Lindt chocolate
(not sure if it's because no one else likes the taste, including Lukas and Ethan???)
It's half price (R7) which means I've been buying one every day for the last week!


17.02.2016 - 08h43 - It's snowing

IT'S SNOWING!!!! Oh no, wait...

it's just two couch cushions, a hosepipe and a dish towel