28.06.2012 - 12h06 - Tattoo

I saw this pic on pinterest and fell in love with it...

...and with anything in life, I managed to find some meaning behind it. After Greg (the psychic) told me what an undateable relationship anorexic I currently am I thought it could be a reminder to try and be more open...

So I thought of getting it done in one of these two places...

But then Jen said it's a tramp stamp and Camilla said a heart is incredibly boring... so now I'm not sure...

28.06.2012 - 09.31 - Pimping.Gym.Sherry.Sewing.

OK... this is the first of my two weeks off... so far I have gone out 0 times (oops)!

Last night I tried to be less lazy: got home. went through my phone book. pimped myself out to everyone in the hopes of getting out. drank a glass of sherry. decided to go to gym. gym packed with people. looked like it was full of steroid pumped ants dressed in luminous orange gear. Scared me. I managed 5 min walk. 9 min run then ran out of there. Ran (drove) straight across the road to Andiccio and ordered a pizza. home. another glass of sherry. tv. sewing. bed.

I bought this pair of high-waisted jeans from Mr P a couple of months back. I love them because they make me look like I actually have calves. They don't love me though. First the zip broke - took them to get a new zip put in. Then just before leaving the house one night one of the popper buttons flew off. I tried to super glue it back - didn't work. Took it to get a new button put on. Then the other day the zip broke again! I wasn't prepared to spend more money on a cheap pair of jeans so was about to throw them away last night when I had what I think was a brilliant idea!

I sewed the zip closed! Genius! Now after squeezing myself in I'm too afraid to take them off.

26.06.2012 - 17h00 - Entertainment

I got stuck in traffic on the way home. I was getting really bored until I ended up behind this car... the kid in the passenger seat hitting his head repeatedly kept me entertained... thanks kid

26.06.2012 - 09h53 - Hello cutie

Just watched this music video Andrea sent me - thanks my friend - nothing like a dozen half naked little boys to brighten ones day!

25.06.2012 - 17h30 - Pretty sunset

One nice thing about winter - it has pretty clouds and sunsets

25.06.2021 - 15h43 - Same sex dating

First the psychic says I need to go out and date a million men - then my stars say I must date a woman - WTF!?

Sounds like I should be having a C-A-R-A-Z-Y! week - but all I want to do tonight is go home and cozy up to a slab of chocolate and watch the last episode of Greys!!

25.06.2012 - 08h00 - 2 weeks without my baby

Dropped Ethan off at his dad house this morning. He'll spend a week there and then a week in Middleburg with his grandparents... I'm trying very hard to keep busy and not miss him toooooo much

21.06.2012 - 15h37 - Look into my future

Psychic summary:

1. I'm a relationship anorexic (bahahaha nice)
2. I need to get out and market myself more. Meet more people. Apparently there are a lot of men out there waiting to meet met - names starting with J (maybe a Jason or Justin), M (Mike or Michael), S (Steve or Steven), C (Cliff... haha), W (??)
3. Asked "who is the man in your life with a tattoo? darker skin then me? taller then me? I don't know.
4. Might go overseas for a holiday end of the year
5. I want to leave JHB - might want to live overseas
6. Should study child psychology
7. Find my home too small - might move Jan/Feb
8. I'm OCD - need my comfort zones (YES!)
9. I need to be less shy
10. Ethan is a low maintenance easy kid - yes!
11. I'm going through a life re boot thus the reason I have fewer people in my life right now

That's about it.

20.06.2012 - 12h59 - I heart fake chinese chicken

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My chicken is fake
and tastes better than steak

19.06.2012 - Little Dragon

I bought a ticket for a band I don't know - Little Dragon (showing my age now).

Wikipedia has this to say about them: Little Dragon are a Swedish electronic band, formed in Gothenburg in 1996.[2] It consists of Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano (vocals, percussion) and her close high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards).

I've gone onto youtube to check them out... so far I like their song Scribble Paper the best.

19.06.2012 - 14h58 - Projects

Very soon Ethan leaves me for another 2 (maybe even 3) weeks. The last week he went away I got sick - the world almost ended - I turned into an evil grinch! I WILL NOT let that happen again. SO, I need a project/s to keep me busy between working hours. These are a couple ideas I've had. Suggestions to keep my sanity welcome!! PLEASE!!

19.06.2012 - 08h36 - Men make me laugh

This past week has got me thinking about men... I've decided I am like that guy in the movie "my best friend's girl" except I don't do it on purpose! :)

Every man I've liked has either gotten into a serious long term relationship, got married, had / having a baby (all this year!) - the others either land up liking the woman standing next to me or send me "brake up fb emails" before we even date... SO I can either dump all men now or hire myself out... girls... you want to hook your man? Send them my way!!! :)

15.06.2012 - 18.06.2012

Friday I attempted a dinner with friends but still felt ill so landed up sitting there like an unsocial blob of sickness.

Saturday I decided to fix things that were annoying me around the house. I tend to get so used to seeing something that even though it's broken I don't do anything about it - BAD - NO MORE. So I bought a new blind to replace the broken one in the lounge and got Ethan new bedding to fit his new 3/4 bed.

I didn't have the tools to screw this baby in so I got creative and hung it up with string and curtain hooks. It works :)

I also popped into a little chinese store and bought a whole lot of mock meat. I got prawns, chicken, sausages, chicken cashew nut balls. So far I've had the prawns and chicken and have LOVED them.

My parents are looking for a new home so Sunday I drove around with them looking at show houses - it's exciting but exhausting looking at places. Also makes me realise what a nice complex I stay in - there are some dodgy looking places out there.

I think the reason I was running around fixing things and shopping and cooking up a storm was because I was going out of my mind alone at home and needed distractions. SO, the best part of my weekend was when Ethan finally came home (a week is a LONG time!).

Ethan didn't go to school Monday - feeling sick and I wanted to take him to a doctor before he goes away for another two weeks :(. He came into work with me

15.06.2012 - 13h30 - Lunch

Got this delicious fry's "chicken" burger from the canteen for only R17! Now I wish I could say this is the first proper meal I've managed to eat in days but that would be a lie... even though I was man down I managed to clean out my kitchen cupboards and fridge of anything edible... pig

13.06.2012 - 14.06.2012 - Off sick

This is what my last 2 days looked like... the part I enjoyed the most? The hot toddies... I have kind of acquired a taste for whiskey now :)

11.06.2012 - 13h30 - Jerry Springer

I don't want to go into detail of this bit of the day (I don't like negative crap) but it is still part of a day in the life of me so it should go here... here goes... will only keyword it as it doesn't deserve much time/energy...

Mom calls. Sister drunkenly fell down stairs. Get a call from my dad. Leave work - go to parents house. Sister lying on floor with broken arm. Government ambulance called. No medical aid. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Can't wait anymore. Put sling on sisters arm. Get her to the car. Drive her to Medicross.

Have to pay for her x-ray, doctors consultation, sling, outstanding amount on her account. Get pissed off. Use some foul language. Pay. Try to smile at woman behind counter. Walk away.

Arm badly broken. Will need surgery to fix properly. Put her arm in basic sling - call government ambulance again. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Nurses look at me like I'm heartless. Guards shout at me for parking in the wrong place. Move car. Have mini breakdown. Dad comes over to help. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Ambulance arrives at 6pm. I'm tired. Hungry. Headache. Pissed off. Don't follow to Helen Joseph. Hate Helen Joseph. Finally get to go home...

Get home. Cat attacked my tissue box. Feel sorry for myself. Drink sherry. Bath. End shitty day.

11.06.2012 - 04h00 - Can't get the sleep out my eyes

Ethan's grade leaves for their tour to Blyde River Canyon today. They had to be at school at 05h30 this morning!! which meant we had to be up at 04h00!!

I decided to come straight into work as it makes no sense to go home for a couple hours only to then drive back in traffic. BUT it feels SO wrong driving to work in the dark.

The pro's are:
a) you can buy a coffee and giant muffin as a treat and not feel guilty cos you SO deserve it
b) apparently you don't have to stop at red robots when there's hardly anyone else on the road
c) the office might look scary but you get your pick of parking spaces

10.06.2012 - Sunday

Got up at 6am on Sunday morning. Fetched Ethan from sleepover. Drove to Turffontein for his soccer match. Froze our asses off.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thought I would be brave and go to soccer like this. Got out the car. Two people laughed at me. Hat came off. Although, maybe they were laughing at my pout.

It was SO icy. Couldn't concentrate on the game. Shivering and giggling too much. (cold makes us giggle - that and deciding when our kids are misbehaving at home we're going to be like their soccer coach and shout "drop and give me 10!" - sounds cool).

The rest of the day was spent doing more last minute winter tour shopping, watching Madagascar 3 and eating more crap unhealthy food :)

09.06.2012 - Saturday

I told Ethan it's time he starts making himself breakfast when I sleep in on a Saturday morning. I got up at 9 to find that this is what he "made" himself... peanut butter out the jar with a spoon. Nice one my boy.

I then decided to find something else for him to do - he vacuumed the whole place and didn't suck at it :)

The rest of the day was spent warm winter clothes shopping for his tour... I was so exhausted I didn't even mind having my arm twisted into sitting at Spur afterwards.

Took Ethan to his cousins birthday sleepover


I spent the rest of the evening like this

08.06.2012 - 15h40 - Alcatraz

On Friday afternoons I treat myself to movies / series while I work... I'm slowly becoming addicted to Alcatraz - not going to want to go home today!