21.06.2012 - 15h37 - Look into my future

Psychic summary:

1. I'm a relationship anorexic (bahahaha nice)
2. I need to get out and market myself more. Meet more people. Apparently there are a lot of men out there waiting to meet met - names starting with J (maybe a Jason or Justin), M (Mike or Michael), S (Steve or Steven), C (Cliff... haha), W (??)
3. Asked "who is the man in your life with a tattoo? darker skin then me? taller then me? I don't know.
4. Might go overseas for a holiday end of the year
5. I want to leave JHB - might want to live overseas
6. Should study child psychology
7. Find my home too small - might move Jan/Feb
8. I'm OCD - need my comfort zones (YES!)
9. I need to be less shy
10. Ethan is a low maintenance easy kid - yes!
11. I'm going through a life re boot thus the reason I have fewer people in my life right now

That's about it.

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