31.10.2013 - 07h58 - Hours of fun

Got this little man yesterday. I can see I'm going to have hours of fun with him! Thanks Lukas :)

22.10.2013 - 19h00 - My little cutie pie

Tyren and Tracy came past last night for a visit. Tyren found it hysterical if I bounced up and down and acted like an idiot... too cute!

18.10.2013 - 09h07 - My dream

Last night I had a nightmare - I was back in school!

I arrived for my first day at school. I went to the office to register and the man there asked me why I was coming back to school.

I said, "well I'm 34 but my mom said I need to come back to school seeing as I never studied after high school, but I am an Art Director! Can I take off this school uniform and go home?"

He let me go home. Shew...

PS. One of the teachers pinched my bum!!! what? what?

17.10.2013 - 16h00 - Birthday Bonsai

Lovely Lukas gave me a Privet Bonsai for my birthday. I can look after a child and cats but have never been able to successfully look after a plant. This gave me a bit of stress when I first received it. But, I am glad to say I have not only kept it alive, I have also looked after it so well that it's starting to get little white flowers. I think it likes it when I talk to it and stroke its branches :)

14.10.2013 - 07h00 - Ethan leaving on his school tour

First time I haven't had to wake Ethan up in the morning - he was so excited to leave this morning.

13.10.2013 - 11h00 - Sunday bar hopping

Spent Sunday bar hopping through Magaliesburg with Lukas. Cosmopolitans on a Sunday seem soooo decadent. Lovely day.

PS. Our first waiter was named HAPPY, the next waiter was called HAPPYMORE... explained the kind of day I had :)

11.10.2013 - 16h00 - Kerryn & Johan's wedding

What a wonderful wedding and beautiful couple! I didn't take a lot of pictures as I knew I couldn't compete with the amazing pics I'm sure Neil Kirby took...and I was too busy drinking wine and champagne (and pouring it down my thankfully black dress) What a lovely day and night!