31.07.2012 - 07h29 - Too big for toys

Yesterday afternoon we had Ethan's desk delivered (found on junkmail for R200!!) so we spent the rest of the afternoon / evening sorting out his room - out with the old and in with the new. He decided to give away about 95% of his toys. His room looks SO much neater but I'm a little sad to see these toys go... it's just another reminder that my little boy is growing up.

I decided to bring them to work so people could help themselves to his toys...

30.07.2012 - 09h00 - Beautiful flowers

For days I kept walking past a desk and admiring a vase of flowers that sat there. Nikki being the sweetie she is bought me my very own bunch of pretty flowers this morning! These flowers make me very, very happy - thanks Nikki! xoox

28.07.2012 - 29.07.2012 - Moving

I spent my weekend second hand TV shopping (birthday present for my sister) and helping me parents move house... was productive but exhausting and I now feel like I need another weekend ASAP!!

Seeing ALL this stuff has made me want to go home to my house and throw stuff away - too much stuff is bad for the soul!!

27.07.2012 - 14h30 - Dukes Burgers

The work girls all decided to go out for lunch for a change - we chose Dukes burgers in Greenside... looking at these pics has just made my mouth water again - YUM!

26.07.2012 - 07h47 - Long division

Ethan is learning long division and doesn't quite understand it yet. I'm not the greatest maths boff so came into work and found this link - it's awesome!!

Now I know how to do long division! I feel so clever

25.07.2012 - 16h30 - He's a winner!

When we got home Ethan decided to count all his medals - he has a lot!! I decided we'd have a competition - see who can win more medals by the end of the year (why??). So now I either have to find something I'm actually good at... or find a shop that sells medals :)

25.07.2012 - 14h30 - Getting lost

I had to go fetch my sister from Helen Joseph hospital. I went to google maps and printed the directions... and STILL got a little lost. I HATE getting lost. My heart speeds up, my body temperature rises and I start to panic - I NEED a GPS!!

25.07.2012 - 07h24 - The on / off diet

The other day I was paging through Easy Living magazine when I came across an article on a diet that promises not only to help you loose weight but will also make you live longer and be brainier!

Now I don't want to loose weight but I wouldn't mind living forever and being brainier! This is how it works... you eat normally one day then the next day you eat 50% of what you ate the day before. And you keep doing this... one day on the diet, one day off the diet. Easy!

Yesterday I was doing so well - didn't even eat a chocolate! Then I went for a run and stuffed an entire pizza in my face - doh!

24.07.2012 - 09h25 - Quiet day

No one from my team is here today...

My work is done, the storeroom has been cleaned, the photographers and stylists briefed... so I guess I'm spending the day eating my way through all these naartjies and watching series...

21.07.2012 - Going to stay at home from now on...

I've decided that going out is bad for me - makes me want to stay at home with a cup of Milo and my cats from now on... at least my cats don't insult me by telling me I NEED a man to look after me and I NEED a man so Ethan has a father figure... a) Ethan has a dad and b) Ethan and I have been doing pretty damn well for the last couple of years THANK YOU! and c) don't use Ethan to sugar up to me

OK. end of man rant

21.07.2012 - Suikerbosrand

I was craving the outdoors so decided to take Ethan and two of his friends on a hike. We went to Suikerbosrand. I think I've been spoilt with Mountain Sanctuary Park - this was too dry (I love water) and flat for me. Was still nice to get out though...

The boys were playing around here when suddenly a swarm of bees came. They ran screaming and thankfully the bees went in the opposite direction - was quite a frightening moment... we talked about it the whole way back!

20.07.2012 - 09h32 - Pizza, Amarula, Engagement rings

I now have every 2nd Thursday off again... my two Johnny's angels are in Germany and my wing woman, Anne was busy last night so I decided to get pizza and amarula and laze at home.

Whilst waiting for the pizza some dodgy man was giving me the eye... usually when this happens I break out in a slight sweat fearing they'll come over and start talking to me... worse, they'll ask me out and me being the nice person I am (haha) will be forced to say yes!!

BUT last night I slipped my ring onto my wedding finger and immediately relaxed - why haven't I thought of doing this before? a) the dodgy man shouldn't want to come over anymore and b) if he does I don't even have to open my mouth to utter a word - I simply lift my hand in front of his face and wiggle the finger. Nice

PS. I only managed two glasses of amarula before passing out - I'm lame

19.07.2012 - 11h37 - Work blog

Busy updating my work blog... too much stuff to choose from. I find it funny that it looks like I have more party invitations then YP work...

19.07.2012 - 09h15 - yeehaw!

Yesterday we received a kids CD with cowboy music on it - we really liked this song - "saddle bum"!

19.07.2012 - 07h27 - Just call me Bieber

This morning it finally dawned on me who I look like now with my hair - Justin Bieber! Look!

18.07.2012 - Mandela Day

Media24 staff got together (in a small boardroom) to pack 5 000 snack packs for child rape victims. I managed to take some pics, put together 5 packs before getting elbowed in the face and left. Well done good people.

18.07.2012 - Vida Chocolate overload

Usually when the girls go to Vida I don't get anything but today...

- I'm sick of winter
- Exhausted (and we're only 3 days back into the school routine)
- We were talking about sad stuff at work this morning

so I decided to treat myself with:

- Vida hot chocolate
- Vida chocolate croissant

feeling a little sick now :)