20.07.2012 - 09h32 - Pizza, Amarula, Engagement rings

I now have every 2nd Thursday off again... my two Johnny's angels are in Germany and my wing woman, Anne was busy last night so I decided to get pizza and amarula and laze at home.

Whilst waiting for the pizza some dodgy man was giving me the eye... usually when this happens I break out in a slight sweat fearing they'll come over and start talking to me... worse, they'll ask me out and me being the nice person I am (haha) will be forced to say yes!!

BUT last night I slipped my ring onto my wedding finger and immediately relaxed - why haven't I thought of doing this before? a) the dodgy man shouldn't want to come over anymore and b) if he does I don't even have to open my mouth to utter a word - I simply lift my hand in front of his face and wiggle the finger. Nice

PS. I only managed two glasses of amarula before passing out - I'm lame

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