31.08.2012 - 14h27 - Deadline days

The last two weeks have been quite hectic. The other day I said something along the lines of..."$^#% this deadline, Nikki we need to drink champagne when it's over" and Nikki being Nikki brought champagne today. Yay, thanks!

Here's to smashing the deadline, the sun shining, wearing t-shirts, having great girls to work with, spring day tomorrow, champagne and pizza!

PS. I had a two sips for you Camilla

30.08.2012 - 08h22 - Holiday

The October holidays are soon approaching and I REALLY wanted to go away as it's also right by my birthday... but alas my finances aren't playing along so I told Ethan we could always pitch a tent in our lounge and keep national geographic animal channel on the TV and pretend... :)

Then Nikki came to our rescue and offered us her family's holiday house in Sabie!!!! Now we get to see beautiful things like this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Nikki! xoox

27.08.2012 - 14h44 - Grrrrrr

I think I'm a make love not war kind of person... except when I have BD trouble and Ethan is involved... then I change... and I hate it... why can't we all just meditate, play our tambourines and get on?

27.08.2012 - 07h36 - Driving already

Ethan and I have this new thing... every morning Ethan steers the car out of our complex, around a bend and up the road to the first stop street... the driving lessons have begun!

25.08.2012 - Picnic & Great Dane

We all met at Emmarentia for a birthday picnic for Gina

We then moved on to Great Dane later that night...


Despite the fact that
a) the taxi driver lectured / moaned at me on the way there
b) had a block of ice thrown at my chest
c) bumped into an ex fling who didn't seem too keen to chat to me
d) got burned by someone's ciggie
e) had a shot of tequila spilt down my new top
f) picked up a man who turned out to be 10 years my junior AND gay
...I still had a good time

23.08.2012 - Road trip

Today I'm exhausted - all I want is my couch, my free aero that I got today and silence. What I've learned is that I could NEVER make my living as a driver.

This was my day yesterday:

1: Leave house
2: Arrive at Ethan's school
3. Fetch mom in Northwold
4. Take mom to Fourways
5. Drive to work in Sandton
6. Fetch Ethan from school
7. Take him to soccer club
8. Fetch mom from William Nicole
9. Take mom to Northwold
10. Fetch Ethan from soccer club
11. Drive back to work to do "forgotten" school project
12. Drive home

23.08.2012 - 11h25 - Olga's birthday

Nothing like a fat slice of cake for breakfast. Happy Birthday Olga xoox

22.08.2012 - Sunsets and popcorn

This sunset made the traffic a little more bearable.

Made bags of popcorn for Ethan's market day at school. I don't want to see popcorn for a while euurrgghh

21.08.2012 - 07h18 - My guns

Been working on my guns... hopefully now when people see the huge magnificence of my muscular guns they will stop laughing at me doing exercises at my desk. Don't laugh or I'll punch you in the face (do I sound tough??) PS. My top even has a SKULL on it!

20.08.2012 - Weekend

My weekend was spent watching Magic Mike whilst Ethan and his friends watched Dark knight rises... WOW... is all I can say. Actually I can say more... all the other people in the cinema were either there with a friend of their boyfriend (??) - I felt like a bit of a dirty freak watching this show alone. But was still fun :)

Ethan and I then bought tennis rackets - we managed to play Saturday and Sunday. I can only last around an hour (unfit)

17.08.2012 - 11h21 - Stick men

This my attempt at drawing a stick dad in InDesign for work (bahahahahahaha)

16.08.2012 - 07h29 - Work workout

I always feel like I should be outside being active rather then spending all my time seated behind a desk. That's not possible so now I've decided to exercise at my desk while I work. So if you come by you will see me exercising my left bicep and bouncing in my chair while I do butt clenches :) Fun

15.08.2012 - 17h00 - Homework

As I fetched Ethan he reminded me of a poster he had to make (for the next day!) - so we headed back to my work (we don't have a computer / internet at home)...

We got a little sidetracked...

We used the google translator for some of his Afrikaans work... then stared listening to other translation in different languages (they has a speaker so you can listen) - was so funny!! I tried to get an Irish guy to say "I love you, will you marry me" but he wouldn't :(

PS. The Russian "Vodka" translation was Ethan's idea - not mine!

14.08.2012 - 12h14 - Exercise

So it's almost summer / dress / bare legs & arms time... time to start toning up. I get VERY bored with exercise programs VERY quickly so decided to target only one area every day rather then all everyday... not sure if it'll work but it's easy and I like easy :)

07.08.2012 - Tuesday - Snow!!!

On the way to our fashion / exercise / cover shoot in Illovo I THOUGHT it was snowing but decided it must just be sleet (I've never seen snow so try not to get my hopes too high).

We started with the shoot - which went really well.

And then it started snowing - real snow! I was soooooooooo happy. What a beautiful day and what wonderful people to spend it with. Thanks girls and guys!! xoox


Then this is a very short clip but it's so I can remember what it looked like :)