30.01.2014 - 17h00 - Thursday Ty Time

I got to babysit Tyren. He arrived fast asleep so I took advantage (always on the run) and went a little crazy with the camera. Such a cutie pie :)

30.01.2014 - 07h42 - DKNY Be Delicious

The other day at our shoot the girls were shocked to hear that
1) I've only ever had 1 manicure
2) I've only ever had 1 pedicure
3) I've never bought myself a bottle of perfume

So Jess gave me this little bottle of perfume. I'm loving it :)
Thanks Jess

29.01.2014 - 08h34 - Red hair

Lukas has known me for 6 months but has never seen me with my red hair. So I've decided to try and go back to red and show him my nerd self :) Will see how long this lasts

27.01.2014 - 10h00 - YB Shoot Day

After shooting YB Fashion we celebrated the wonderful Aubrey's Birthday :)

25.01.2014 - 08h00 - Saturday things

I decided to try out the Parkrun at Delta so I got out of bed and headed over there. There were SO many people. It was awesome. I found out that I'm fitter then I thought I was, American woman are really loud, not to make conversation with anyone on the route as they will chat your ear off, dogs on long leashes are dangerous. Definitely going to go again.

PS. I cam 415 out of 561 which considering I walked and it was my first time isn't too bad :)

Then took the boys to hang out at Boogaloos.

24.01.2014 - 10h00 - Exercise and Beauty shoot

Spent the day shooting YP and YP exercise and beauty with the girls and Neil.

Spent the rest of the day at Ethan's school gala. He's house captain (proud mom) so was fun seeing him do his thing.

14.01.2014 - 14h11 - Pressies

Lukas gave me this framed world map for Christmas. He knows I have never travelled anywhere outside of South Africa so now I can pick where I want to go. The first pin shall hopefully be placed on Lithuania. Exciting!

He also bought me this super cute giraffe!! My cats are having to find a new home (very sad) as I finally got moaned at after having them for 2 years. The caretaker said I would start getting fined R1 000 a month if I kept them. The amazingly wonderful Jenny came to our rescue and has offered them a home. So now when I get lonely I have this giraffe to keep me company :)

10.01.2014 - 13h00 - Lunch with Andrea!

Got to see my wonderful friend Andrea today!!
Miss you my friend xoox

07.01.2014 - Ethan's 13th Birthday!! xoox

There are no pics other then this one as he spend the day at Monte with his friends.
I was under strict instructions not to hang around with them :)

06.01.2014 - 14h58 - Fitbug

I received this fitbug last June from work after doing a fitness assessment.
I mistakenly thought you had to pay to register so chucked it in my draw and forgot about it.
Since finding out it's for FREE :) I decided to give it a try.
Let's see how long this latest fitness phase lasts for.

01.01.2014 - 03.01.2014

01.01.2014 - This was Gordon's Bay on New Years Day. Madness.

02.01.2014 - Spent the day wondering the streets of Stellenbosch

03.01.2014 - A slow, hot 15 hour drive home

Temp hit 41 degrees driving through the Karoo

31.12.2013 - 18h00 - New Years Eve

Someone paid these guys R100 to come and play for us for an hour

This is Steve. He is Afrikaans. I drank. I spoke Afrikaans.

This is Hanli. The lovely lady who let us stay with her for a week.

Our home / New Years ever party place

We attempted to let chinese lanterns go on the beach. We failed.

PS. New Years Eve consisted of alcohol - Afrikaans - more alcohol - music - fist fighting.
Awesome! Thanks Gordon's Bay.

30.12.2013 - 10h00 - Beach day

29.12.20013 - 12h00 - Waterfront

We spent the afternoon at the waterfront


Had lunch with the lovely Hoffs xoox

I was not allowed to cook the entire holiday.
I don't know if I should feel lucky or offended :)