30.08.2013 - 07h19 - Online shopping

Since Tyren left I've taken to filling the void with online shopping *insert guilty smile*.
Thus far I've bought an epilator (awesome), clothes and this, my latest purchase - a Philips docking station which is a-ma-zing! I.LOVE.ONLINE.SHOPPING!!

25.08.2013 - 14h00 - Heia Sarafi Ranch

What a beautifully warm day. Had to splash out on some pretty flowers.

Ethan and I met my parents at Heia Safari Ranch for some lunch in the sun. The lunch wasn't that great but the sun, the company and this adorable donkey were lovely.

24.08.2013 - 10h00 - Rugby

I offered to take Ethan and his two friends to their school rugby match. My morning was already a mess after over sleeping and missing my first ever bootcamp lesson!!

I put Bedfordview primary into my GPS and landed up being taken through Hillbrow. One of Ethan's friends was sitting in the back silently muttering "we're going to die, we're going to die". Was quite stressful.

Anyway, once we arrived it was really great. The sun came out and I totally got into the rugby - thought I would be worried watching Ethan but it was actually really exciting. Very proud of my tall skinny boy xoox

23.08.2013 - 10h00 - Angel cards

Joanita was up from CT which meant it was hot chocolate and angel card time at work

21.08.2013 - 10h44 - NIP +FAB product launch

Kerryn and I just got back from a beauty launch for a range of products called NIP + FAB. We are in love with these products - they promise to firm your arms and stomach, fix your face without needles (every girls dream) and my favorite - make you a cup size bigger in a month!!! Hello!!! The packaging is pretty and the products are affordable. They are new to SA and will be available from Clicks stores from mid-September. Nice.

The launch was held at 33 Melville Road, Illovo which looks like a house from the outside but is actually an incredibly quirky, beautiful boutique hotel. We just loved the decor.

Lovely launch.

21.08.2013 - 07h31 - Love these clothes!

Love, love, love, love these pants. They're from a new site I found called stylemology
BUT everything I fall in love with only seems to come in larger sizes.
Getting a bit annoying now...

Also loved this dress but they only have it in a large!?

21.08.2013 - 07h25 - Sunrise

Why does this sunrise make me happy?
a) because it's beautiful and everything has a gorgeous soft pink glow to it
which makes the day seem more bearable and
b) it occurred before I left the house which means it's getting lighter,
which in turn means spring is on its way!!! yay

19.08.2013 - 14h08 - Your Baby September / October 2013

A few of my favorite pages from our new issue on shelf 28 August.

The mag comes with this free first year milestone calendar (I had lots of fun designing it)

11.08.2013 - Soccer and Sunday treats

10.08.2013 - 10h00 - Kids play

Ethan, Jared, Sarah and Tristan asked to go to Jozi X. I had no intention of joining them on the rides but the manager handed me a ticket so I felt obliged to join in. What a fun day! Sometimes it's good to just let go and act like a kid.

However, I decided to stop and leave it to the kids when I was on the climbing wall - looked down and saw I had a bunch of men cheering me on... :)