29.01.2013 - 13h00 - Exercise shoots

We decided to go on location for our exercise shoots. We went to this home. As I walked in I didn't know if I wanted to laugh (it made me happy), scream (it made me jealous) or cry (it made me sad). What an amazingly beautiful home!!!!! aarrggghhh

24.01.2013 - 14h30 - Sun. Savanna. Sexy man

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Benedikt was in JHB. My lovely boss let me leave at two to go and have what is fast becoming my yearly catch-up with Ben. I must admit I felt both guilty and indulgent sitting outdoors in the middle of the afternoon sipping on a Savanna and chatting to a handsome man - I want more of that!!

22.01.2012 - 17h00 - Run Run Run

As we pulled into the parking lot Ethan decided we should kick off our shoes and run around the complex before going inside - I haven't done any exercise in yonks so decided to do it. Was actually quite fun.

20.01.2013 - 14h00 - Barnyard Rivonia

My family and I went to the Barnyard in Rivonia for Ethans soccer fundraising. It was really great. I know a lot of people turn their noses up at the Barnyard but I could think of worse ways to spend a Sunday - Pizza, beer, handsome actors and 80's music.

My dad was there so I didn't even try to take pics - these are all taken by my dad. Thanks!

18.01.2013 - 19h00 - The Whippet

Karen and I decided to try The Whippet in Linden. It was pretty quite but I think that was due to the rainy weather. Their pineapple, ginger and vodka cocktail was a little watered down but after a couple Savannah's we had a lovely giggly night - shall go back and try The Whippet in Linden again sometime.

18.01.2012 - 07h37 - Chipmunks pillow game

I went home early as I wasn't feeling well. Got bored lying down and remembered Nikki saying it's good to raise your legs up against a wall... this progresses into a game with Ethan called "who can get the pillow to touch the roof" - harder then it sounds...

I speeded it up so as not to bore anyone and now I can't stop listening to and laughing at our voices hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

16.01.2013 - 13h06 - New YP mag

I think this is my favorite issue so far! I especially enjoyed working on the beauty page with the lipsticks. Fun!