24.10.2012 - 07h36 - Maths hell

Last night I was helping Ethan with his maths. Story sums - I love story sums! Then we got to how many seconds in 24 hours and I know there are 60 secs in a min - 60 min in an hour - 24 hours in a day etc (not THAT dumb) but my brain just turned to sludge (I could actually feel it sludge-ify) and for the life of me I couldn't figure out where to begin... so I laughed, and Ethan laughed and we laughed and laughed and laughed... (and ate chocolate)

23.10.2012 - 19h00 - Pretty skies

We've been having such beautiful skies lately. I love the light in the late afternoon just after a storm. Hmmmmm, beautiful!

19.10.2012 - 11h10 - Happy happy

It's Phumzile's last day at work before heading out and becoming a Mrs... good luck my friend xoox

18.10.2012 - 08h43 - Alanis and me

Nikki said she heard this song and it reminded her of me... well... I have to agree! I especially like these lyrics - "I don't want to be your mother, I didn't carry you in my womb for nine months"

17.10.2012 - 14h40 - Deep-etch madness

I was going to put all the products I've deep-etched in an animated gif but it turned out to be way too much work... blah

17.10.2012 - 07h13 - Project: Wardrobe

I've decided I have too many clothes I don't wear. Every season I throw out clothes but I still have items I hold on to. I've decided I have to work my way through my entire wardrobe - wearing everything for a least a day - and if I don't like how it looks / how I feel that day then it gets dumped.

This is outfit 1: So far I'm feeling ok with this one :)

(Ah, the things I do to keep myself entertained)

16.10.2012 - 09h30 - Product shoot

Full day product shoot - exhausting. If it weren't for the great company of Neil and Phumzile it would have been a jump off a bridge kind of day.

15.10.2012 - 19h00 - Dinner

This is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong month!!!!

12.10.2012 - 10h00 - Cover shoot

Thought day would be warm... wore little mini skirt... froze butt off... got given pants to wear from fashion shoot... they were ri-dic-u-lous!!!... everyone laughed... one person said they suited me... not sure that's a compliment... (snuck off to bathroom to capture these beauties)

Everyone then sang happy birthday to me... I blushed... longest birthday I've ever had... nice. Thanks everyone for a great 2 days :)

Ethan digging into the cake on the way home

12.10.2012 - 07h36 - Heart bracelet

I bought this pretty bracelet from the shoot yesterday - now I don't need to tattoo a heart on my wrist :)

11.10.2012 - 11h00 - Fashion shoot

Not sure how to explain this one... Sabie (Ryan, Frikkie) being Sabie I guess

Beautiful Zoe brought roses and a cake to the shoot for my birthday 

She also knows how much I love Forever New - but can't afford anything from them - so she bought me this beautiful top. Thanks Zoe - you're wonderful!!!!!! xoox

10.10.2012 - 13h26 - Ice cream break

The girls and I just went downstairs to get ice creams. I realised how rude we all are after my solero got stuck in it's packaging and the girls gave me tips on how to get it out (it was lolcano!!! - loving this expression from Kerryn's sister!!!). Our excuse is that working for parenting magazines we are FORCED to think about sex all day long!