23/12 Thursday - 10h00 - Merry Christmas!

Today there's less work and more silly presents... fun times.

I hope you all have an incredibly wonderful Christmas and New Year spent with family, friends and loved ones. I will see you all in the new year, well rested and happy xoox

23/12 Thursday - 09h00 - Out of fashion?

Whilst spring cleaning my cupboards the other day I came across this old clip... I'm wearing it today because it works so damn well... but am wondering... am I making a fashion mistake by wearing it? Have they gone out of fashion along with scrunchies?

22/12 Wednesday - 12h00 - Beautiful Images

These are some pics my dad took when he was younger. I think they're beautiful - I especially like the one with the horses (apparently her name was Debbie)

20/12 Monday - 16h00

Got more pressies today - from Paarl Nedia. A diary and what I think may be a tin of biscuits... put that one under the tree so I have more top open on Christmas day :)

20/12 Monday - 12h30

This is me - at work - bored - but happy I have a new top - and chocolates

19/12 Sunday - Wedding Anniversary

Sunday was spent wrapping Christmas presents, Celebrating my parents 40th Wedding anniversary with a poitjie, reading and enjoying the rain. A lovely day.

17/12 Friday - 17h00 - New Camera

So I got a new camera! It was double what I wanted to spend but I love it! The whole way home I could hardly breathe and kept having chest pains - was close to taking it back. But then I took a deep breather, took it to my photographer father to get his opinion and all was good. It even has different settings to I can play, play, play. Thanks Santa, you're the best!

17/12 Friday - 20h30 - Farrah's Birthday

Went to Princess Farrah's birthday at Rodizio in Fourways. Crazy weird place! I was a very responsible adult - drank one Savannah and then water for the rest of the night...Yay me!