31.03.2011 - 14h33 - Petebox

wow.wow.wow.wow. found this guy off Warren's blog and I think he's AMAZING...and I think Ethan would adore him (Ethan's doing a bit of beatboxing himself lately)...

I'm supposed to be staying away from men this year (not even allowed to think about men) but this one has done something to me... my heart is going skippity-boom-boom... so of course I had to make out with him... check out this video

31.03.2011 - 12h46 - Work Blog

I have been working late into the night (7pm) updating my work blog so that rich people can offer me millions to make things look pretty... then I can go have my hair done, get Thai massages, pedicures, manicures, waxes on a weekly basis. YAY!

31.03.2011 - 10h00 - Croissants & Coffee

It's Andrea's last day at Heat magazine today (booohoooo) so she brought us all some expensive, yet delicious chocolate croissants. Yum. Thanks friend.

There might also be some drinking a little later... so stay tuned

30.03.2011 - 14h00 - WTF?

So there is now a site (cloud girlfriend) that assigns a “perfect girlfriend” to interact with you on facebook...??? How absolutely bizarre!!!

"Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend. Step 2: We bring her into existence. Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network Step 4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl."

WTF? Wonder why there's no cloud boyfriend... are we women not desperate enough or can people not even INVENT a perfect man?

29.03.2011 - 12h30 - They laughed. YAY!

I hate my voice (kills me to hear it) but it seems to have done it's job... everyone was kind enough to laugh at my jokes. Thanks.
So glad this is all over... really want/need/must go for a drink now. Please.

29.03.2011 - 08h00 - Breakfast

Breakfast this morning was a fist full of calmettes... they better bloody work! Will let you know... either they wont and I will blush like an idiot or they will work and everyone will think I've been drinking on the job. Nice!

How much do I hate public speaking? Whenever I have to do something horrid, like go to the dentist, doctor, parents evening... I say to myself "Well, at least I don't have to... give a speech" and IMMEDIATELY I feel better. Now I'm in my worst case scenario... I have to come up with a new one:

1. Well, at least I don't have to... be abducted by aliens?
2. Well, at least I don't have to... have a colonoscopy?
3. Well, at least I don't have to... have a boob job but they made a mistake and instead of making them bigger they make them SMALLER...eeekkkk.... OK... we have a winner!!!!

Wish me luck x

27.03.2011 - 10h30 - Ladies of leisure (for a day)

For Andrea's birthday we all clubbed together for a full body Thai massage. Jess and Andrea went to this amazing place in Sunninghill Village called Serenity Thai Spa... I popped in after their message to have a look at the place - it's so incredibly beautiful!

Afterward we all had a long brunch... was great... really need to so girly brunches more often. Thanks lovely ladies xoox

26.03.2011 - 20h00 - Dinner @ Karen's house

Karen + dinner + drinks = yoga poses :)

When I couldn't stand working anymore (had to keep waving my foot in the air to switch the light on - motion detectors) I packed up and drove over to Karen's house for an incredibly delicious vegan pasta, drinks, chat, laughs and some yoga... always fun. Thanks my friend xoox

26.03.2011 - 15h38 - Why am I blogging?

I'm bloggin on a Saturday... which means I'm sitting at my work desk... WHY?Ethan had a disco party to go to in Sandton so I decided to come and work on our presentation that the three Art Directors have to give this coming Tuesday... it's a Design Indaba feedback... EEEk (I've already bought the calmettes :) NERD!

26.03.2011 - 14h00 - Stuff your face time

Ethan and I were a little bored so we decided to bake. I'm a lazy baker so bought a the brownie box mix.

Ethan has a very interesting way of cracking open eggs... he uses a sieve handle ??? It works!

We licked the bowl clean... ate half the brownies... feel incredibly sick as I type this...

23.03.2011 - Weird Sunset

I totally forgot to put these pics up... Whilst I was walking at Ethan's soccer I saw this bizarre sunset. It's hard to describe... was almost as if the sun was at some strange angle, or the clouds were in a bizarre position as the sun cast a shadow that went up into the sky... (I said it was hard to explain)... it was incredibly beautiful!