30.04.2012 - 14h32 - Cut your nails

Client asked for models nails to be made shorter... not perfect but I'm impressed! Raise please :)

30.04.2012 - 09h50 - Salmon fishing

Went last night with a group of friends to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Was a really lovely movie. I've decided I either want to meet a man like Ewan or a rich Sheik....

Went for dinner at So Yum afterwards - delicious food!

30.04.2012 - 09h33 - Weekend

What a busy weekend - and not because I was in hot demand by all but because my son now has such a hectic social life!!

Friday: Took Ethan to Sandton to watch a movie with his friends. I planned on watching another movie at the same time as I don't yet trust leaving them alone. My movie would have ended too late so I spent 4 hours walking around Sandton - awful! I have now decided my sanity is more important and I will drop and go next time!!

This was my view the entire time with my son this weekend... they don't get off their phones!!! AND I don't understand a word they say... but what they do say is pretty amusing:

If you do something stupid they say "ahhhhhh you pa-pa soooo baaaad".
This one made me chuckle "girls only reply when you say SUP - they like SUP"
This one had me rolling on my bed crying (one my bed cos I hide in my room when there are more then two 11 year olds in my house) "she pinged me so nicely once"

My lounge the next morning

That afternoon I took Ethan and his friend Tsepho to a disco party!

I got a bbm from his at 11pm saying "hi" and he hopes he didn't wake me! Made me feel quite old :)
The next morning after fetching him from this friend I then dropped him off at another friend.


26.04.2012 - 15h44 - All good

Reasons to be happy: I had a Vida hot chocolate (thanks Adele's man - helps me though my "no buying slabs of chocolate challenge" - is this cheating?), it's almost home time, it's a long weekend, I have some nice things planned for this weekend, just sent calendar to print, Client approved something I thought they wouldn't, yesterday was payday... all good :)

26.04.2012 - 07h46 - Oranges

I can feel a cold coming on - again! Can't let this happen as I will then have soccer dad saying "I told you so" (he moaned at me for running without a jacket on) and I want to enjoy this long weekend. My theory is that if I consume enough oranges all will be good in the world!

24.04.2012 - 08h52 - Growing up so fast

When did this happen? He's grown up so fast!!

I've noticed just how big he's gotten this week because:

1) He now spends most of his time bbm'ing his friends
2) I stroked his cheek this morning in the car outside school (he has the softest most beautiful cheeks and I would rub them all day long if I could) and he went "MOM!! My FRIENDS!!"
3) He has asked to go to the movies this Friday with his friends - WITHOUT ME!!

21.04.2012 - Twisted dinner party

Martina had a bunch of people over for dinner... was a fantastic evening!

20.04.2012 - Girls night out

I couple of us girls have started a "singles girls club" kinda thing :) Our first hunting spot was Giles. It started off pretty calm and quiet until a man by the name of Wily came over to chat to us. From there the night just got crazy - we decided to take a pic of every man in the bar - was fun! Thanks girls xoox

19.04.2012 - 15h00 - Anew 20th Birthday

Nikki and I went to the Avon / Anew 20th birthday function. It was really nice - they even had veggie sushi for me! We got to do an online quiz to see what skin type we were then were given creams to try.

This beauty is supposed to make you look 10 years younger. When I heard this I excitedly turned to Niks and said "I'm going to look 22!!!!!" - Niks replied with a not so excited "I'm going to look 15 - I had pimples when I was 15" hahhahahahaha.... let's see if this baby works.

Straight after the function I rushed over to fetch Ethan and we went to soccer. I had been dreading this all day as I have now moved on to week 4 of my running program which involves a 3 min run,  5 min run, 3 min run, 5 min run (that's 16 mins of running!) - which might not sound like much to any of you fitness freaks out there but it's a very scary thing for me - but I did it! I was so happy after I managed my first 5 min run that I was grinning from ear to ear and had to stop myself from patting myself on the back. Yay me :)

19.04.2012 - 07h27 - How to make you feel dumb

Ethan came home with maths homework - equivalent fractions. Say whaaaat? After freaking out, grabbing my phone and googling I THINK we managed to work it out. I've decided I don't want a rich man, just a clever one - purely for homework purposes!

18.04.2012 - 07h39 - Oldies

Ah, the small things that amuse me. I'm always working out how old I will be when say Ethan is 21... but I've never thought further along the road. This morning I did... and laughed... and laughed... and laughed. Ethan wasn't too impressed that he was going to be and old grandpa with his mom. When Ethan is 70 I will only be 91 (yes, I plan on making it to 91 just so we can sit in our rocking chairs on the stoop together)

18.04.2012 - 07h16 - Gumboots

I happened to see these the other day at Pick 'n Pay on Nicol... almost bought them... too much?

16.04.2012 - 07h47 - Weekend

I had a great dinner with friends on Friday night. We went to a sweet little restaurant called Franco's in Parkview - it had a really warm family feel to it. Didn't take pics :(

Saturday started off really well with me at gym - then I bought a jungle gym for the kittens and spent the rest of the day / evening on the couch being the laziest slob possible - was great.

I was supposed to go do the Zoo trot on Sunday but landed up sleeping in till 10h30!! Instead I drank beer, ate fried food and tapped my feet to Simon & Garfunkel at Gilroy's with my parents... was fun.

13.04.2012 - 13h08 - Kitten movie

Last night Lily snuck into the bathroom whilst I was bathing. She was very entertaining. I wasn't going to show anyone this as I know I already look like a mad woman but it's too cute not to share... I sped it up as to stop boring any of you...

11.04.2012 - 07h25 - Important life lessons

Two things I've learned in the last couple of days:
1) Don't be a dumb ass and slam your finger in the car door - always look where your fingers are
2) Don't try and blow dry a kitten after it falls in your bath - it will shred you.
That's all.

10.04.2012 - 14h04 - Andrea comes to visit

04.04.2012 - Wednesday - Day 4 of Holiday

We were sunburnt and sore so didn't manage another hike. Instead we spent the day playing tennis, going into Clarens, having a braai and then spent our last night there with a blanket and milo under the stars. Lovely holiday...

03.04.2012 - Tuesday - Day 3 of Holiday

Today we decided to do the Wodehouse trail. It's a 4 hour trail which I thought meant 2 hours there, 2 hours back - easy! haha, not. It took us 3 and a half hours there and 2 hours down. 2 hours of steep downward walking is HECTIC! I was grunting, groaning and shaking all the way down.

There are lots of pics of Ethan and I in the "King of the mountain pose" as we kept thinking we were really high - but we kept getting higher and higher.

Please note: I wanted to quit an hour and a half into this hike but Ethan kept me going - he's amazing!