27.04.2011 - 12h30 - Lusito Land


Tuesday night Karen came over to my place and we proceeded to drink way too much sherry (think we forgot it was sherry... drank it like it was fanta!). Anyway, we decided it would be a good idea to spend our public holiday at Lusito Land.

We got a little lost on the way there - landed up in Germiston and drove through a toll gate!!?? haha - was FUN! We decided if Amazing Race ever came to SA we'd make an AWESOME team! Thanks Karen xoox

20.04.2011 - 19h30 - New furniture

Andrea and Wollie came to my place bearing gifts. YAY! I bought their book shelf / huge TV stand and I have Wollie's grandmothers full length mirror on loan until they come back. I'm SO HAPPY! I no longer have to stand on my bed to see what my ass looks like in my little baby mirror...!

I'm going to paint the shelf but am not sure what colour to paint it yet...hmmm

PS. I totally believe I got the mirror because I gave away that pair of shoes - good shoe kharma! 

20.04.2011 - 17h30 - Steamy night

Was too cold and too lazy to walk at soccer club today so instead I sat in the car listening to the radio and eating slap chips... steamed the windows up so badly that I couldn't watch Ethan play soccer... oh well...

20.04.2011 - 16h00 - Essie nails

Another little essie box arrived on my desk... more nail polish - YAY! Very pretty colours... once you've managed to dig through the sea sand to get to them...

20.04.2011 - Photo Shoot


Spent the morning with Neil photographing bra's... Putting 30 odd bras on a mannequin gets a little tiring after a while... was fun stuffing her bra with tissues though...