22/06 Tuesday 08h00

It was freezing this morning - have ice on my car to prove it.

20/06 Sunday 17h00

Ethan and I went to see Brazil vs Ivory Coast at soccer city. It was SUCH a nice game and I was warm enough to actually enjoy it. Yay to thermals!

17/06 Thursday 11h00

Baking time again - this time Ethan made us choc mint muffins. YUM!

15/06 Tuesday 16h30

Ethan and I went to the Brazil vs Korea DPR match ar Ellis Park. I have NEVER been so cold in my life - wanted to cry, but I knew the tears would just freeze and make me even colder.

14/06 Monday 12h00

Ethan decided it was about time we baked a chocolate cake... had to melt dark chocolate, was delicious!

13/06 Sunday 11h00

Spent the day at the Monkey Sanctuary in Magaliesburg.

11/06 Friday

Today is the opening match - traffic out of Santon was C-R-A-Z-Y!! I was starting to feel it until a woman behind me hooted at me and started to shake her head because I wouldn't turn at the robot as there was no space yet. I lost it, and the spirit went with my mood!

10/06 Thursday 09h30

Just 15 more sleeps until I get to lay my eyes on this! (thanks for the pics Tori)...
...and relax on a beach with Dave!