30.09.2011 - 12h30 - Comfort food Friday

Nothing like a big pasta for lunch the day after the night before

29.09.2011 - 16h00 - Work drinks

Us girls at work have been threatening to do after work drinks for ages now... I got tired of talking about it and never doing it so I used my birthday as an excuse to get everyone together - I figured they're a good bunch of women and might feel guilty if they miss my birthday... it worked. Almost EVERYONE came - was great! Thanks girls xoox

29.09.2011 - 14h54 - Skype men

Getting weird Skype requests today... how do these people find you??

28.09.2011 - 19h00 - Spiceburg Birthday dinner

Ethan, myself and a couple friends went for an early-school-night dinner at Spiceburg's in Greenside. Ethan isn't in any of the pics because he was the photographer and designated drive (kidding) for the night. It was lovely - AND they wouldn't let me pay... thanks guys xoox

28.09.2011 - 15h57 - Warning: You might cry (if you're an emotional woman like me)

This morning Ethan told me he didn't have a birthday card for me but he would say what he would have written in it - so being an overly emotional mom I ran and grabbed my cell so I could voice record it. I had to try VERY hard not to cry whilst he did it. So sweet - makes all the hormonal tween fights so worth it. Love you my boy xoox

28.09.2011 - 14h57 - More happiness

The girls in the office and I just spent the last half hour or so reading our angel cards...FUN!

Got called to come and sign for a package... hunted all around my building but couldn't find the person... walked across to building next door and found these waiting for me... worth the hunt :)

Pretty pressies from Karen - thanks my friend xoox

Finished all the cake - so moved onto the ice cream. Nice!

I'm like a kid in a candy store - don't want this lovely day to end. Thanks everyone xoox

28.09.2011 - 12h26 - Happiness

I'm feeling, reading, hearing, smelling, eating the love today xoox

28.09.2011 - 07h36 - I'm 32!!

27.09.2011 - 07h30 - Life is like a game of Snakes and Ladders

Yip, it's that time of year again. It's the day before my birthday which makes me start to ponder over the meaning of life (real deep). So... this morning on the way to work I came up with this analogy on life... LIFE IS LIKE A GAME OF SNAKES AND LADDERS (which if you google it you'll see isn't too original) - but Ethan liked the idea - I even got a high five for my cleverness so there...

You're born... you start to take your first steps - there's some great times (playing with your friends, birthdays, Christmas, family holidays) - but there are also some bad times (loosing friends, getting bullied at school, parents splitting up, going through puberty, discovering unrequited love) - and this never changes - the ups and downs go on your entire life but just in different ways (you fall in love, you have children, you get divorced, you're broke) but that's just part of the game. The only way you win is if you get to the end of the game without becoming a drug addict / alcoholic / committing suicide - EASY! - just make it there in one piece!

24.09.2011 - Soccer Tournament & Carpet dancing

Saturday was Ethan's closing soccer tournament. The weather didn't play along - it was freezing! I sat there with two jerseys on, Ethan's tracksuit top and a blanket over myself and my mom. BUT it was all so worth it - Sandton won all their games which meant they were totally undefeated the entire soccer season! Amazing! I love sitting with the winning team.

That night was spent drinking a huge bottle of wine, eating delicious pizza and carpet dancing (this is when you lie flat on your back on your carpet and dance - easy). So much FUN!

23.09.2011 - 13h00 - Sushi lunch

Spent a lovely lunch with Nikki and Nats gorging on sushi. Thanks girls xoox

23.09.2011 - 08h00 - My spooning, saliva drinking spider

I shudder every time I look at this picture...aarrggghhh

This morning whilst getting ready... I spotted this ugly, hairy beast on my bedroom roof! Now, I'm not one of those woman who jumps onto a chair and screams hysterically when a mouse runs past. But a spider! Well, that gets pure, cold hardcore fear running through my blood. The hair goes up on my arms and I start to shudder uncontrollably!

Now, I'm in a pickle. I don't know how to get rid of it and I really can't leave it there. What happens if I come back from work and it's vanished and I spend the whole night worrying it's about to come and spoon me?

So, I remember how my sister got rid of a spider when we were kids - she sucked it up with a vacuum cleaner. There's a few problems with this a)  I really don't want bad karma and b) my vacuum doesn't reach! It then dropped to the floor and tried to make a run for my bed. I managed to block it with the vacuum. All this was done while making high-pitched shrieking noises (I think the neighbors thought I was doing something seriously x-rated in there)!

I managed to push it out the window and stood there shaking like a leaf for the next 5 minutes. How can such a tiny thing have such a severe effect on me. Maybe, just maybe it's because I was once told a story about how while you're sleeping these creepy crawlies come and sit on your face whilst drinking your saliva - EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk

22.09.2011 - 19h30 - Fashion Show & revenge of the nerds

Karen and I went to the HERMANNA RUSH fashion show. As we arrived we got given a goody bag, had our photo taken and got a glass of wine. We then went downstairs to be seated. Media got to sit in the front row. The front row consisted of haystacks! Sitting on a haystack in a really tight fitting skirt is no easy task (and the hay was prickly!).

Anyway, we waited quite a while for the show to start (they were waiting for more media to come from another show) - then the show seemed to last all of 10 minutes. It was a case of wait - wait - wait - go - over.

BUT, the clothes were beautiful! So soft and feminine. If I was married to a rich man I'd so have bought every outfit! And the shoes were awesome - they looked like a cross between jelly baby shoes and crocs (crocs - poof - sies!) BUT in high heel form! Which made them beautiful!

We then went to Greenside for a couple of drinks. I happened to bump into someone from high school. It was a moment EVERY nerd dreams of. Picture this...

Shy redhead girl goes through high school pretty much unnoticed. Blushes like a fool. Hates school. Then there's the H.O.T. popular boy who everyone drools over. He's smooth, blonde, reminds us of Brad Pitt, dates the school model. Doesn't even look twice at our poor shy little nerd.

Skip forward 16 years (holly crap I'm old!). Little redhead nerd bumps into Mr Popular whilst wearing tight denim skirt. Mr Popular suddenly very friendly - he flirts, eyeballs (drunk bloodshot eyeballs but hey!) ompliments nerd. Nerd laughs then turns and walks away, whilst doing a mental nerd air punch. Haha, nerd revenge, how sweet and lovely.