23.09.2011 - 08h00 - My spooning, saliva drinking spider

I shudder every time I look at this picture...aarrggghhh

This morning whilst getting ready... I spotted this ugly, hairy beast on my bedroom roof! Now, I'm not one of those woman who jumps onto a chair and screams hysterically when a mouse runs past. But a spider! Well, that gets pure, cold hardcore fear running through my blood. The hair goes up on my arms and I start to shudder uncontrollably!

Now, I'm in a pickle. I don't know how to get rid of it and I really can't leave it there. What happens if I come back from work and it's vanished and I spend the whole night worrying it's about to come and spoon me?

So, I remember how my sister got rid of a spider when we were kids - she sucked it up with a vacuum cleaner. There's a few problems with this a)  I really don't want bad karma and b) my vacuum doesn't reach! It then dropped to the floor and tried to make a run for my bed. I managed to block it with the vacuum. All this was done while making high-pitched shrieking noises (I think the neighbors thought I was doing something seriously x-rated in there)!

I managed to push it out the window and stood there shaking like a leaf for the next 5 minutes. How can such a tiny thing have such a severe effect on me. Maybe, just maybe it's because I was once told a story about how while you're sleeping these creepy crawlies come and sit on your face whilst drinking your saliva - EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk

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