22.12.2011 - 11h47 - Brownies save my blog

I've been ignoring my blog cos my camera is broken and I've been sulking about it... The flap that closes the batteries in doesn't close. I took it to get it fixed and they said I will wait ages over Christmas to get it fixed so I should just tape it up for now. My taped camera makes me sad :(

But then Nikki brought in these happy looking brownies and I just couldn't help myself... they inspired me to blog again. Thank you delicious brownies.

14.12.2011 - 15h26 - It's a pout-off

I think of myself as quite girlie... I get all excited at the idea of make-up, new clothes and jewellery BUT when I'm in the company of these two women (Zoe and Franza) I feel like a total boy! I just CAN NOT compete with these pouts!

13.12.2011 - 08h41 - New York, Pug hair top

I'm wearing my brand new birthday top from New York baby! Thanks Jess, I love it xoox

09.12.2011 - 09h13 - Cute Kitten

A girl that works here found this kitten on the side of the highway!? She gave it to Kerryn who was sweet enough to take her in and give her a home. This kitten is so incredibly friendly and adorable! Love it!

08.12.2011 - 07h58 - This beast ate my computer screen

Yesterday I got an sms from Jen warning me that I now have a huge computer screen. Thank goodness she prepared me! But I still got a shock when I walked in this morning. It's HUGE!!! It's SCARY!!! It's also making me feel really tiny and exhausted - your mouse has to travel for half an hour to get from one side of the screen to the other.

I'm also not sure how to use this space. Do I open one window up really big (which just looks scary) or do I have lots of little windows floating around (which freaks this neat freak out)?????????????????????

WARNING: If you get emails from me and they're written in a 72 point font it's cos everything else looks too small all of a sudden!

07.12.2011 - Churches and Old Age Homes

Now that Ethan's in Grade 4 his prize giving is held at the Rosebank Union Church. We got there at around 07h30 and only left just after 12h00 - a LONG day filled with drama (woman fainting next to me) and boredom (old man filing his nails in the seat in front of me). But it was all worth it when Ethan got called up to received his certificate and book voucher (funny as I can't for the life of me get him to read a book) for OUTSTANDING PROGRESS! Yay! Well done BABY, BABY!! xoox

From there we dashed off to Sandton to fill our hungry bellies... then we went to celebrate my grans 88th birthday (I think it's 88 - bad granddaughter I know) at her old age home. There was a "choir" singing for her... and a bunch of young kids came to sing and dance for her. Their parents are trying to teach these kids how to share... last year they visited kids, this year it was the elderly and next year they're going to go dance for.... animals, hahaha... sweet. I told Ethan I was going to make him join them next year - he gave me a filthy look.

PS. I do believe we learn something new every day. What I learnt yesterday: Afrikaans songs are LOOOOONG!!

06.12.2011 - 15h48 - TAKEALOT

Ethan's Christmas present just arrived! I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today... very impressed... well done TAKEALOT! Now I just have to be patient enough to wait until Christmas to give it to him.

06.12.2011 - 07h04 - Bully Day

OK. Today I am going to our exercise and cover shoot. I usually quite enjoy these shoots but today is different. Today, one of the pregnant models is a woman who used to go to Primary school with me. She was beautiful, popular, great athete and a total cow to me! *sob*

I have a couple vivid nasty memories of this woman... so today... I come armed with my little denim skirt... I am hoping the day will go well and I will feel like this...

but the fact that she is coming to be a cover model makes it highly unlikely... oh well, a bullied primary school nerd can dream :)

Update: She's turned really sweet. Damn her for ruining my bitchy moment :)

05.12.2011 - 08h38 - Weekend

I find myself enjoying myself so much when I'm out these days that I completely forget to take pictures - which is a good thing I guess :)

Friday night: Karen came over for dinner and a dvd
Saturday morning: I went to gym (only managed half an hour) - going for all the wrong reasons - not to get fit - just to swipe my card and make sure I go enough times so that I don't have to pay full price!
Saturday afternoon: Lunch with Karen at fruit & roots in Bryanston with our Groupon coupon.
Saturday evening: Drinks and pizza with Karen in Parkhurst - that's a WHOLE lot of Karen, thanks my friend :) xoox
Sunday: Dog walk, shopping, couch

01.12.2011 - End of year work function

Neil Kirby was kind enough to come and take some professional pics of us all... can't wait to see them. In the meantime here are a couple I snapped today...

01.12.2011 - Telling Ethan we're going to CT

This is me getting WAY to excited when I told Ethan we're going to CT.

This is a note he left me... very sweet (click on image to be able to read it)

01.12.2011 - 80's Party!!

I'm ready!! Ethan wouldn't let me go into the shop with him and was dreading me dropping him off at school... but I'm ready for our P-A-R-T-Y!! YAY!