31.08.2011 - My morning step-by-step

Whenever someone asks me what time I go to bed I CRINGE because I know I sound like the biggest nerd when I admit that I can barely keep my eyes open past 9pm! SO... I'm going to document my day step-by-step so I can justify my babyish bedtime!

PS. This only applies for week nights - on the weekend I'm a wild, rip-roaring, crazy party animal!!

30.08.2011 - 07h35 - Freddy from Idols lookalike

This morning when Ethan and I sat down to have breakfast he turned to me and said I look like Freddy from Idols... hahaha, my hair isn't that crazy is it?

I could say..."were we sepearated at birth?" but he's way too young for that - "is Freddy the son I never knew I had?" haha

27.08.2011 - 09h30 - Let's play dress-up

Next week Friday Ethan has to dress as a book character for school. We popped over to Sinderella costumer hire to see what we could find. They really are fab! As soon as you walk in the door they help you. We told them what we wanted and in 2 minutes I had a "kids book character" list in my hands. We decided on the Cat in the Hat but spent a good couple of minutes trying on other things for the fun of it.

I'm thinking I need to have a fancy dress for my next birthday!

Anyway, I didn't come to work to blog... better start deep-etching now. Bye.

26.08.2011 - 18h00 - SA Idols + James Blund = Very happy Ethan

The day didn't go quite as hee-haa-happy as I'd planned it, but then things don't usually go according to plan do they? I fetched my mom from JHB general. Turned my nose up at the filth of it - and I didn't even go further then the parking lot (my mom promises me the hospital is better then the underground parking lot) - thus I discovered that I am indeed a horrible snob!!

As soon as I got back to work I had a mini-breakdown (the 1 000 000th one poor Jen has had to witness). I was just feeling really down and sorry for my mom - hate seeing someone I love so incredibly much suffering... was one of those "life aint fair moments". Anyway, once I opened the taps they stayed open for the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was go home, crawl under the covers and be done with the day.

BUT, I had a date with my son. We were going to the Idols show and I am SO glad we went. Was exactly what I needed. It was so wonderful to see him get so excited! When we were waiting for James Blunt to come on he made me feel his chest - his heart was racing - was so incredibly cute.

26.08.2011 - 08h30 - It's going to be a good day

Reasons I'm smiling today:

1. It's a beautiful warm day!

2. I get to fetch my mom from the hospital today!

3. I'm taking Ethan to go watch Idols tonight (he's so super excited!)

25.08.2011 - 15h00 - Why everyone should make friends with a fashion stylist ;)

The other day I went along to our fashion shoot. Zoe, out stylist happened to see what I was using as a handbag - gagged - almost fainted and said she wanted to give me one of her handbags. Anyway, this afternoon it arrived. Not one handbag, but two... and a hair accessory too! *not sure if that accidentally fell in there Zoe* Thank you, thank you, thank you - you are amazing! xoox

22.08.2011 - 18h00 - Trying to run

Monday, at Ethan's soccer I REALLY tried to go for a walk / run... but this is as far as I got. I thought I was being lazy but was actually getting sick. Spent the next two days in bed with the flu.

21.08.2011 - 15h00 - Got my happy back

Last week wasn't a particularly great one for me. I don't deal well with bad / sad / emotional things... my mom went into hospital last Monday to have cancer removed from parts of her forehead and lip. She's been in there for the entire week and it's just brought me down quite a lot. I'm a real mommy's girl and I hate to see her in pain / unhappy. Thus the lack of daily blog posts.

I went out for the usual dog walk with the 3 kids (they hadn't had the most wonderful morning - more sister drama) but we all let go, slid down hills, laughed like idiots and I think I found my happiness again! Nothing helps you forget your grown-up problems more then playing like a kid. Thanks my kiddie-winks - love you all so very much xoox

16.08.2011 - 18h00 - isiZulu

Ethan has a test every Wednesday... we usually forget to study on the wkend - he plays soccer till 7pm on a Monday so we are usually left with only the Tuesday evening to study - VERY BAD!! Anyway, this usually results in an argument and tears as neither of us really enjoy studying... but in the end, because he's a little genius, we get into it and he always does really well.

Last night was Zulu - aarrrggghhhh - we (I) made flashcards which seemed to help. I think the Ngiyagula one is appropriate as the nasty flu bug finally caught up with me!

16.08.2011 - 13h52 - Baby Shower

Today was Maphuti's baby shower - she picked the perfect place to work whilst pregnant! She got some great gifts.

16.08.2011 - 12h07 - Running program

Quite a few people have asked me to send them the running program I'm doing - I can't remember everyone who asked so I'm putting it up for you to grab.

Camilla says this is illegal - I say I'm helping people get fit (doing a good deed) so people shouldn't get angry with me!

15.08.2011 - 19h00 - Pizza night

Soccer was canceled because of the lovely weather so I had time to play around with dinner. I made mini pizza's... was amazingly delicious!

15.08.2011 - 14h56 - Bar-one face

How do you get through a rainy work day? Get your lovely boss to buy you a bar-one. Thanks Jen! Will get you a kit kat tomorrow, promise.

14.08.2011 - 07h00 - Zoo Trot

Karen, Camilla, Jessica and I all met up at the JHB Zoo bright and early Sunday morning for their monthly Zoo Trot. There's a 5km and 10km run / walk. It was really great... we've decided we would like to do it every month.


Camilla brought her daughter Katie along... look how cute her little foot looks

We couldn't help laughing at how seriously this guy was taking the race

A bear in a tree! Never seen this before. Thought it was cute until I saw that the bigger bear looked like it was chasing this poor little baby.

I wasn't allowed to take pics of my friends - so their shadows had to do.