26.08.2011 - 18h00 - SA Idols + James Blund = Very happy Ethan

The day didn't go quite as hee-haa-happy as I'd planned it, but then things don't usually go according to plan do they? I fetched my mom from JHB general. Turned my nose up at the filth of it - and I didn't even go further then the parking lot (my mom promises me the hospital is better then the underground parking lot) - thus I discovered that I am indeed a horrible snob!!

As soon as I got back to work I had a mini-breakdown (the 1 000 000th one poor Jen has had to witness). I was just feeling really down and sorry for my mom - hate seeing someone I love so incredibly much suffering... was one of those "life aint fair moments". Anyway, once I opened the taps they stayed open for the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was go home, crawl under the covers and be done with the day.

BUT, I had a date with my son. We were going to the Idols show and I am SO glad we went. Was exactly what I needed. It was so wonderful to see him get so excited! When we were waiting for James Blunt to come on he made me feel his chest - his heart was racing - was so incredibly cute.

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