30/09 Thursday - 16h00








Socotra Island


While I was falling asleep last night, dreaming about my future, I came up with a brilliant idea! I'm going to find pictures of beautiful landscapes and then my goal will be to go and stand there and take my own pictures.

So this afternoon I went browsing National Geographic for inspiration... here are a couple places I wouldn't mind seeing!

30/09 Thursday - 08h00

This coffee sucks - don't get it!

Cool thing about having a camera is it can keep you busy when you're sitting there looking like an idiot

This morning I had to take my car to go get it's aircon filled... my morning was thus spent waiting on the curb at a garage for Charlene to come fetch me... Thanks Charlene :)

29/09 Wednesday - 19h00

I scrolled through my blog to try and find the last picture I took of chocolate and Amarula - got bored going so far back so decided it was long enough ago for me to do it again... YAY!

Whilst eating my Aero and sipping my Amarula I decided to make a list titled "Things I have learnt about myself in the last 31 years..." It was meant to be amusing but ended up getting quite serious and a little negative (scary how easy it is to write negative things about ourselves). Anyway I don't want to bore you with them so have randomly (got Charlene to shout out 5 random numbers) picked 5 to share with you...

Fact 1: I don't need a man in my life but I'm a nicer person when I do have one :)

Fact 2: I don't have a cool bone in my body - pretty nerdy
Fact 3: The beach makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward
Fact 4: I want to be ultra fit and healthy but don't really like to exercise
Fact 5: I love to eat sushi

28/09 Tuesday - Day 3 - My Birthday

Ethan decorated my birthday presents with marshmallows...
Instead of flowers I got these sprinkled around the tent floor - was better then roses! :)
Opening pressies
Early morning, camping, don't judge
Last drive before heading home. This lion crossed the road in front of us. Amazing

Packing up - trying to fit everything into one bag - didn't happen
A lot of the driving was done by Ethan. I would just do the peddles whilst he steered... so relaxing - wish we could do this in JHB too!
Back to JHB - checking FB Birthday messages :)
Back to JHB - Ethan watching soccer :)

This was a really wonderful holiday and birthday. At first when we arrived there with a boot full of camp gear and I looked around and saw myself surrounded by happy little families I got a little sad. But then we put the tent up and I looked around again and realised how super awesome we were that the two of us could do something like this without too much help *high five Ethan* I love you xoox

27/09 Monday - Day 2

Woke up just before 6am when the monkeys arrived. Had coffee & rusks and headed out for an early morning game drive...

We were trying to get a pic of me with the Rhino's... didn't quite work out - now I just look like a posing wanker
Ethan convinced me to play a game of monopoly with him - I'm not a big fan - it takes SO long!
Ethan's gotten so good at pool!!
Out for another drive

Saw this dead elephant next to the river - shame

This is SUCH a beautiful picture (Ethan took 90% off all pics here!)

26/09 Sunday - Going camping

Car packed (with loads of space to spare - thanks Getz)
We did it! Took to tries but we got the tent up. You can pay someone to put it up but I wanted to prove to Ethan that we could do it - very proud of myself :)

I know camping isn't ideal but that's not a bad view to have looking out of your front door...
As usual, as soon as we got set up Ethan started playing with fire...
A bit of tree climbing
The first bit of wildlife we saw was this turtle sitting on the hippo's back. Very cute
Ethan took this photograph - well impressed

Not great quality, but cool pic of lions relaxing by the water
These elephants were right next to the road, was so awesome!
It was SO hot there - these drinks were downed after our drive
Ethan very proud of his fire making skills
Getting ready for bed in my Country Road nightie - most stylish girl there!

Ethan's feet were pretty much this dirty the entire holiday