28.02.2014 - 07h00 - Philips DCM3060/12 Sleek Micro Music System Dock For iPhone / iPod

Just discovered this morning that the guys doing my floors dropped and broke my docking station. Very sad as I really needed this for Ethan's birthday party coming up soon.

26.02.2014 - 09h30 - Floor day

This is my existing ugly, stained carpet

The stained cherry laminate wood my landlady chose

Lukas and I had a picnic in my complex park while the madness went on

Ah, much better!

My quick photoshop job to see how I actually want it to look in the end

24.02.2014 - 08h46 - Your Baby March/April Issue

I'm loving this issue (on shelf 26 Feb). The cover baby is a little girl I met while on holiday over Christmas. She's so incredibly gorgeous.

22.02.2014 - Weekend Decor

Sometimes, when I wake up, I like to lift my feet up in the air so they're in front of the map Lukas bought me... and I smile when I see I have the world at my feet :)

I've wanted to redecorate my room for years (probably around 6 years now) but have always felt too guilty to splash out. Well I got over the guilt and did just that. I splashed and splashed and splashed (except the pillow above - that only cost me R19.99 - yay!)

Before and after of the bedding. Only problem now is that this bed calls me to get into it 24/7!

Then Jen was lovely enough to give me this incredible lamp. It's pretty big for my little room but I LOVE it - love the shadows it casts on the roof.

Now I just need to give it a lick of paint - thinking of the above colour - and I will be happy

21.02.2014 - 09h00 - My morning

I left late this morning in hopes that I would miss traffic and get my last few drops of petrol to last until payday... alas, this happened and blocked up traffic. Ow.

Went past Jens house to feed Lily and Mika. Lily looked as happy to see me as I was to see her :)

08.02.2014 - 13h50 - #neknomination

I'm not going to lie... I wanted to kill Jess when she nominated me.
But I actually had fun making this :)