31/08 Tuesday 07h38 - Business Cards

My business cards arrived - there's 250 of them - too many. Not quite sure what to do with them all!

31/08 Tuesday 07h44 - My son has good taste

This is what my son got for his school lunch today. Tortilla wrap filled with cream cheese, avo and biltong. YUM!

31/08 Tuesday 07h38 - Bling

I went a little overboard whilst shopping for something to wear to the wedding. Here are a couple items I bought - they're all from Mr Price except for the shoes so I don't feel TOO bad!

31/08 Tuesday 07h30

My mom gave me more family albums... found another gem. Love this one of my mom, sister and me!

30/08 Monday 14h00 - I'm a thief!

OK. To the normal person this sounds like a silly tale but I'm a nerd so it's a big deal to me! I can't believe I stole a pen! It only cost R3 but still - I could have been caught, I could have been locked up, I could have had to shove my phone up my bum!

This is how it happened: Sunday morning I went grocery shopping, forgot my pen at home, got a pack of pens from the shelf, used pen to tick off grocery list, paid for groceries, walked out the store, checked my handbag 10 minutes later, saw pens, felt faint, checked around to see if security was after me, hotfooted it out of sandton, felt like a rebel, smiled.

Moral of the story:  Stealing is easier then you think - but don't do it - it's bad!

30/08 Monday 09h00 - Baby Shower Time!

Charlene and I threw a little baby shower together for Jen - cos we're nice like that! We got to meet Camilla's little boy - we have a special bond - he's a little ginger - love him!

29/08 Sunday - Red velvet cupcakes!

I did it! I successfully baked some red velvet cupcakes! YUM

28/08 Saturday 14h00 - The Wedding

This is how I greeted Dave at the door. Very sexy!
The bride looked beautiful but incredibly unhappy / stressed!??
The father was quite a scary army looking man. He grabbed the groom by the scruff of his neck and whispered something in his ear. Would LOVE to know what he said!
The glasses came out and saved the night!
Got the groom to pose with the glasses.
And got the bride to pose with the glasses. Night = a success!

27/08 Friday 15h47 - Just some fun

Last night when we visited Dave's mom he mentioned that I comped myself in a pic kissing Brad Pitt - Dave's mom said she wanted a pic of her kissing Gordon Brown. After a few kissy kissy poses we got this! LOVE IT!

27/08 Friday 13h30

This morning was spent at the Baba Indaba (for work purposes). Was small but sweet.

Spoiled myself with a HUGE Col'Cachio smoke salmon salad afterwards. YUM! Thought I'd at least have some left over for dinner - no such luck... polished it!

26/08 Thursday 11h30 - No School!


There's no school today because of the lovely strikes so I brought Ethan to work with me. We're working REALLY hard!!