23.04.2013 - 16h01 - New Your Baby magazine

These are some of my favorite pages from the latest YB mag... on shelf 1 May

Neil Kirby and I styled and shot this cover - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little boy!!

Look - it's Tyren! :)

21.04.2013 - 12h30 - Tyler's 3rd Birthday Party

Cutie pie Tyler turned 3 and Tyren and I were invited - Ty's fist kids party!

18.04.2013 - 19h00 - CD Launch

Karen and I went to the launch of The Runaway Train Cult's first CD. The launch was at Il Giardino in 44 Stanley. This was my 2nd night out in almost 3 months. I got to eat delicious butternut soup, drink free wine, listen to beautiful music and perve over Arno Carstens. Nice!

17.04.2013 - 07h31 - Ad in Grazia magazine

Last week we got to make up a Your Baby ad for Grazia magazine. Talk about working hard to impress :) Anyway, we all love how it turned out - who says baby magazines aren't cool!?

12.04.2013 - 11h10 - Free Spar muffins

Yes, this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while. Someone from Spar brought over some free muffins at work. Yum!

09.04.2012 - 08h18 - The singing Bieber toothbrush


07.04.2013 - 11h00 - A day with my boy

My mom took Tyren for the day so that Ethan and I could spend the day alone together. We went to the China World in Hillfox to hunt for a cheap iPad mini cover.

We found this one for R100! Oh, I love a bargain!!

We then had lunch at the Food Lovers Market at Hillfox. Besides the millions of bees it was lovely.

06.04.2013 - 12h00 - Claire's 50th Birthday

My mom and I spent Saturday afternoon at The Pudding Shop in Parktown (beautiful venue) for my cousin Claire's 50th Birthday celebrations. It was a lovely girly lunch which is exactly what I needed. What a lovely family I have xoox

My Aunt Heather

My cousin Claire giving her speech

My cousin Bronwyn

Claire's daughter Clara

Claire's son Marc