27.02.2012 - 18h00 - Monday

Spent the evening learning Zulu. You can see the sheer delight in Ethan's eyes...

26.02.2012 - Sunday

Needed to come in to work today to catch up on some stuff as I'll be in CT for two days this coming week...

Was chatting to my mom on the phone (had it on speaker but had to hold it right to my bloody ear to hear anything) - I turned off Sandton Drive on my way to work... and there were the Metro. Ah. Bloody hell. I threw my phone down and laughed cos I knew I'd been caught. Anyway, I found the whole interaction with the metro man quite amusing... it went something like this:

Almost knock over man on motorbike while I pull over - wind down window
D: Look - I was speaking on speaker phone!
M: Doesn't matter, you were still holding the phone. That's a R750 fine.
D: Ahhh, I'm going to make my mom go halves with me
M: No. It's your fault, not your moms
D: But she called me twice already and I missed those calls. I only answered the third one cos I was worried something was wrong.
M: Hand me your license
Filling in my details on the form
M: You're old but you look young (is that a compliment)
D: Yeah, haha, I even have a son (I get nervous and talk too much...)
M: How many children do you have?
D: Just one. One is enough
M: No. You need two children
M: Where is the father? Is he dead?
D: No he's married to someone else now
M: And you?
D: No, I'm not married
M: And a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend
Oh, wait...where is this going. Shit
D: No, I'm staying away from men
M: Oh, so you're like a lesbian
Awkward WTF do I do but go with it smile

He changed my ticket to a R150 fine and said I must tell my mom it's cos he's a nice guy.

25.02.2012 - Saturday

I had bog plans to do a two day detox this weekend. I had a massage given to me by Jess and thought it would be the perfect time to do it.

The full body Thai massage at Shaina was incredible! The woman was very sweet - she didn't want to do the massage at first as she was worried about my stitches but I convinced her to go ahead. I was in such total bliss I wouldn't have noticed if she ripped my arm right off. Actually, that's not true as I did notice when she stood on me! What an amazing experience.

From there I went straight to the shops to get my veggies for the detox. I've never had so many veggies in my fridge.

Anyway, to cut a long story short - I only lasted 7 hours on my detox. Then crammed as much food as I could find in my face. Nice

PS. Here's the weekend detox plan if you want to give it a go

24.02.2012 - 18h00 - Greenside Sundowners

After dropping Ethan off with his dad I met up with Karen in Greenside for some unplanned Friday afternoon drinks. We managed to make it to Bob Rocks in time for their 2 for 1 cocktail special - NICE!

After a couple drinks we went inside to try and pay for some of our bills. By then I didn't mind taking out my camera and doing some random snaps.

This is the man that was politely standing next to me.

This guys hair had my undivided attention all night - loved it. Karen and I decided he looked like Mary from Something about Mary hahaha, shame. Anyway. I took a pic of him across the bar... then he came over and wanted a pic with me. I said no, I'm unphotogenic and told him to pose with the polite man next to me...

Karen and I were then feeling really adventurous and headed down the road for wait for it... wait for it... pizza - cos we're W.I.L.D. like that!! And not just any pizza... nope, I had my very first Vegan pizza. It was really delicious - only now I don't know if it's cos it is delicious or because I'd been drinking and was starving. Will have to try another one sometime...

24.02.2012 - 14h26 - Look Ma, no stitches

Changed my plasters and was surprised to see no stitches... looks like they glued me together. Bodies are weird things...

23.02.2012 - 15h58 - Blood donation

I wasn't allowed to donate blood so I went with the girls at work to watch and take pics...

Nikki not feeling so good afterwards - just looking at her pale face made me want to faint. Thanks

23.2.2012 - 07h02 - You know it's the end of the month when...

You know it's the end of the month when...

...you're washing your dishes with washing powder (works really well btw).

But then you look out the kitchen window and see this beautiful sunrise and the day seems just a little bit brighter and better :)

21.02.2012 - 07h15 - Sexy pant time

Yesterday I went to Morningside Clinic to have a malignant mole removed from my left shoulder. I hate, hate, hate hospitals but it was just a quick in and out under local anesthetic so really not bad! And the staff at Morningside are really wonderful.

The thing that did make me smile though were the deliciously sexy panties they give you to wear under your gown. They made me laugh so much I thought I should share the laughter. So yes, I am putting my reputation and dignity aside (baha) to bring laughter to your life. Laughter heals and I know a couple of people who could do with some healing right now xoox

20.02.2012 - 08h11 - Quiet (broke) weekend

This weekend was a very quiet, broke one... which I guess isn't  a bad thing to have every now and then. Ethan had two friends sleep over Friday night. Saturday we went soccer boot hunting and were successful. Sunday we lazed around until I couldn't take sitting at home any longer and we went over to Rosebank Flea Market and gulped down some Horlicks and a tiramisu

17.02.2012 - 12h56 - I'm losing it!

I totally forgot about this until now... I keep telling people how tired I am when I wake up because I have so many crazy, vivid, movie-like dreams at night. The other night I woke up from one of these dreams and thought "I have to remember these so I can tell the girls tomorrow". So, like any normal person, every time I awoke from a dream that night I typed it into my bb memo pad. I really thought they made sense until I looked at them now... hahahahahaha

If you can get past the atrocious spelling you might find them quite amusing. My favourite is Nikki vomiting on Mr... and Jen talking crisy chicken... wtf?!

16.02.2012 - 13h09 - Shoot done

I've been dreading this shoot for a while now as it involved me having to do a bit of styling without my beloved and talented Joanita... but it all worked out ok.

It helps when you have a talented Neil and a helpful Phumzile by your side... and a bottle of expensive Vodka!

I didn't have any Jen - but Phumzile was uncontrollable!!! Well, she would have been, if she'd taken the lid off the bottle!

16.02.2012 - 07h24 - What I learnt yesterday

I got a random FB mail from someone (we had one person as a mutual friend so not TOTALLY random)

Much needed ego boost. Accepted friendship. Chatted via FB email. Chat turned to this within half an hour...

REALLY!!!???? Guys - if another one of you turns to me with your weird little problems I'm going to get out my notepad... put on my clever spectacles and start charging you by the hour. ENOUGH WITH THE WHINING ALREADY - grow a pair - PLEASE!

Anyway... moral of the story - don't accept friend requests from weird little 20 year olds!

14.02.2012 - 11h52 - Valentine Vouchers

Just spent the last half hour or so making Valentine vouchers for someone at work (not sure she wants to be named :) Was just starting to feel a little sorry for myself that I have no one to give vouchers too... when...

...she came upstairs with flowers from her bf  - two bunches for her and one bunch of roses for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can SO marry him now!

14.02.2012 - 09h05 - Happy V-Day

I know I'm the scrooge of Valentines day... but I'm trying - I even wore a heart bangle and red... look!

11.02.2012 - Tallest Man on Earth concert

I was too much of a shy nerd to take pics so this is all I got - taken with my blackberry. FAIL!

The concert was amazing. He is amazing. His voice is amazing. But OMG was it depressing!!!! I started the evening all happy, smiley and excited... by the end of the show I was sitting there with my arms crossed, head down, trying not to throw myself off the balcony. His music is beautiful but I now know I can only listen to it in short bursts.

And then just when you think you couldn't get any more depressed - his wife comes out and they sing together, staring into each others eyes and rubbing their heads together... FML!

Go see him and his wife here

10.02.2012 - The rest of my Friday

I had to stop after work to get my tyre fixed. I had a slow puncture and my spare wasn't any better. Anyway they only charged R70 to fix the puncture but the next day that same tyre was flat again. The joys of being an adult with a car!

I then drove straight to Greenside and met my old school friend Anne at The Office. I haven't seen Anne in years and it was great to catch up. We sat there eyeing out all the hotties - was just like old times!! :)

10.02.2012 - 13h00 - I heart red

Only this morning, when I was packing my new handbag, did I realise I have a serious obsession with all things red...

10.02.2012 - 09h34 - Take yourself on a date night

I wasn't in the mood to do anything too hectic last night but also didn't want to go home so I took myself off to Sandton. I needed a pick me up but didn't have cash to burn - then I remembered I had two Truworths gift cards in my purse. Yay! Managed to find this handbag. I love forgotten gift cards!

I also went to the movies armed with popcorn, jelly tots and a slushy... watched The Descendants with George Clooney. Was lovely but really realistic and sad :( The pick me up got squashed with that movie

08.02.2012 - 09h42 - Ouch

Went this morning to get yet another dodgy mole removed. I'm starting to think that by the time I hit 90 my body will resemble a block of Swiss cheese!

07.02.2012 - 12h48 - Happy Things

A couple things got confirmed today which are making me smile - now I know I can get through Feb :)

07.02.2012 - 07h17 - WTF!?

Looking at my blog stats this morning... and this I what I see... nice