17.02.2012 - 12h56 - I'm losing it!

I totally forgot about this until now... I keep telling people how tired I am when I wake up because I have so many crazy, vivid, movie-like dreams at night. The other night I woke up from one of these dreams and thought "I have to remember these so I can tell the girls tomorrow". So, like any normal person, every time I awoke from a dream that night I typed it into my bb memo pad. I really thought they made sense until I looked at them now... hahahahahaha

If you can get past the atrocious spelling you might find them quite amusing. My favourite is Nikki vomiting on Mr... and Jen talking crisy chicken... wtf?!


  1. Funny! But what must I do to make it into your dreams?

  2. Tonight baby... it'll be all about you xoox