31.01.2012 - 11h23 - Hazel's Farewell

31.01.2012 - 07h35 - Cinnamon Toast

I saw this in one of my vegetarian cook books. Decided to give it a go on Ethan (he LOVED it).

1) Lightly toast some brown bread
2) Spread thin layer of butter on bread
3) Sprinkle a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon over the entire surface
4) Place under the grill until the sugar melts into the butter
5) Take out and squeeze a couple drops of lemon juice over the toast
6) Cut - serve - enjoy a little bit of breakfast heaven in your mouth!!

27.01.2012 - 20h00 - Night out

Friday saw Karen and I indulging in Indian cuisine at Spiceburg's yet again. We then wondered over to Bob Rocks to see Quinton DJ!

I yet again realised that I am too old for places like this. Firstly everyone's really young and gorgeous, the smoke kills my eyes and makes my hair stink and my throat kills me the next day from having to scream at everyone to be heard... too old and boring for this... give me good conversation, good company and good food over this any day!

27.01.2012 - 13h43 - Stickman fun

It's Friday - you're taking a break from work - what do you do? Go draw a stickman and watch it come to life. Too much fun. Some people are just sooo bloody clever!

26.01.2011 - Bike ride

This last weekend Ethan and I decided to ignore our car and go on foot and bike to the shops (I really do need to buy myself a bike). We panted and complained the whole way there but coming back was the greatest fun I've had in a while. I stood on the back of his bike (he has weird things sticking out his back wheel for tricks) and he rode us home... something so simple landed up being the best part of our day... try it :)

25.01.2012 - 07h14 - Magic candle

The psychic did a work motivation for me (I think that's what it's called). I had to buy a green candle, engrave my name in it and start burning it between 6 and 7 pm Monday night. The green represents work / money. I have to let it burn right down. He said the cool thing is that when it burns it will burn the entire candle except for my name... and it's working... very cool. That's it sitting safely in my bath tub so as not to burn my house down while I'm at work. Money... oh money... my dear, dear friend... come to me now! :)

24.01.2012 - 15h34 - My man checklist

Today I showed the therapist my "Man checklist" - she didn't think I was being too fussy so nah-nah-nah-na-na

23.01.2012 - 11h22 - Psychic Reading

Went to another Psychic this morning... he didn't tell me I'm boring and have no life so I like him more :) haha

For those of you who don't believe in this stuff... leave this page now... for those of you who do... this man is amazing! He's so incredibly accurate and sweet and friendly. I feel he spoke to me about the two topics that have been on my mind for a while now. I'm so incredibly indecisive so having someone tell me something is a good idea is such a great help to me!

1. Apparently I belong in Cape Town, which makes me happy
2. Jenny is an incredibly nice boss and a grounding force in my life (I already knew that :)
3. I don't get on well with people in JHB so tend to stay at home and hide away from them
4. I'm a different person when I'm in CT. More relaxed and happy
5. Water makes me happy. Not to be in it but just being able to see it
6. Ethan is an easy wonderful son. I'm a good mom. Ethan never goes wanting
7. I will meet an older man, perhaps with a child

The list goes on and on and on... Tonight I need to light this green candle and hopefully great things will happen :) Nice

18.01.2012 - 12h39 - Paintball Party time

Ethan's paintball party booked: check. Paintball invitations made: check (PS. If anyone wants their kids party invitations and thank you notes designed by me let me know :)

16.01.2012 - Dancing with Tori - my pretty woman

This video was waiting for me in my inbox this morning... Tori and I dancing (and The Hoff? singing in the background) As far as I remember we were waiting for The Hoff the take a picture (thus the bums in the air) - not realising he was actually taking a video. This was before they moved to CT... haha, good memories

16.01.2012 - NO CAMERA

No camera = no pictures = no posts. Company I bought my camera from liquidated so now they can't fix it... I'm waiting to see if they replace it. Don't ever fall for sales talk!