29.07.2011 - 06h00 - Last joy ride with Charlie

Charlie needed to get her car to the JHB train station so she arrived at my house just before 6am and we headed out... with google map in hand... for our last driving adventure (we have a tendency to get lost).

We didn't get TOO lost but I did slam on breaks at an orange robot (thought good girl Charlie would never jump a red - but was wrong) - Charlene decided to speed up so that we could jump it and had to swerve so as to not hit me... this happened only 10 minutes into our trip... good start.

Anyway, we got her car there safely and on time and I got to take some beautiful pics of our city...

28.07.2011 - 18h00 - Drinks night = FAIL!

I don't have the energy to write about what went wrong last night. Karen said "Sometimes you don't get what you want. You get what you need." So I'm trying to see that it all happened for a reason... so for example, perhaps if my night had gone as planned I would have drank too much, gotten arrested and spent the night in jail. So for that I am grateful... just could have done without the fighting and crying!

But I did get there, I did have a super handsome 10 year old date so the 1 whole hour I got to see the girls was lovely. Thanks girls xoox

28.07.2011 - 14h12 - Phuza Thursday

Tonight a couple of us girls are getting together to drink and say goodbye to Charlene... time is going incredibly slowly today - I want a white russian, I can almost taste it

27.07.2011 - 11h00 - Charlie's last day

So, the day has come and gone, Charlie has left the building.

My friend, I am going to miss you so very much. We had something really special. There were days when you irritated the crap out of me SO much I wanted to pull my hair out or punch you in the face...and then there were the other days, the days that made me so happy to have you in my life. I think friendship is like a marriage... you're supposed to get irritated with one another - it all stems from love ;)

Thank you for always listening to me, me, me, me, me. I'm going to miss your sarcasm most of all! May Cape Town bring you much happiness and love! xoox

27.07.2011 - 10h47 - My biatch is back from Bali!

Karen is finally back from Bali!!! YAY! And not only did she bring her pretty face over for a quick chat - she also brought me some Bali goodies... thanks so much my friend xoox

Karen makes the most beautiful cards - you need to start selling them my friend!

"An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul" - beautiful

The effect:
Horny of the effect and the skin is taken, and the dirt that collects in pores is removed. The skin is made fine, and the skin is lightened. And the chocolate is effective that the skin is moisture.

How to use the scrub:
The proper quantity is made a mix with water like a loose liquid before the body is washed. It applies to the body after that, and it rubs. After it rubs, it flushes it with the hot water. It conditions the skin with the body lotion etc. afterwards.

Chocolate Powder, Skim milk, Candle nut, Soy bean, Corn grits, Black sticky rice, Oat meal, Green bean, Palm sugar, etc

Haha - love it!

26.07.2011 - 15h00 - Spray tan

So... I went for my spray tan session. It was interesting. I thought they would spray it on (thus the name) but nope, they paint it on! You stand on a little towel in the middle of the floor in your g-string (thank goodness - I thought I would be completely nakers!) while a woman sits and paints the tanning liquid onto every square inch of your body. At first I felt a little uncomfortable but after a while it felt completely normal and natural to stand naked in front of a stranger... except for when she painted my boobs - that was a little odd (had to try very hard not to laugh at the weirdness of the whole thing!)

Anyway, it's dark! but not orange which is a great thing. They don't do your face though so I have this white head and brown body (and white fingers and heels - HOT)!?

I like it though - it hides all the ugly bits (well, for 4 - 7 days anyway). Got me thinking... I want to pimp my body out for more experiments / reviews. YAY!

PS. I went here

26.07.2011 - 14h05 - Orange nails

I'm going for my spray tan this afternoon so... just in case it flops and I turn orange, I thought I'd better paint my nails orange too! This way skin, hair and nails will match.

Who would have thought orange nail polish would look nice!! Polish is Essie - 755 meet me at sunset.

26.07.2011 - 07h19 - Ethan's knitting skills

Today I'm wearing the scarf Ethan made whilst he was in Middleburg. It wasn't knitted with normal knitting needles. It was this plastic rectangular thing that you wound the wool around and then knitted like that - hard to explain and I'm battling to find it on the net. Anyway... it works and apparently it's fun to do! It's beautiful and so soft and snuggly. Thanks Ethan xoox

25.07.2011 - 09h00 - La Patisserie

The work girls went to La Patisserie in Illovo for Charlene's farewell breakfast. It's such a pretty place... makes you want to paint your kitchen pink and white, get out your apron and start baking!

Charlene finally got the red handbag she's always wanted - from Nine West! Nice!

24.07.2011 - 15h00 - Jumping juniors

These were taken at Delta Park during our walk the dog session.

23.07.2011 - Randburg Soccer

11h45 Take Ethan to Randburg soccer club. Leave him to warm up with his team while I go across the road to gym. Do day 3 of the running program. Walk back to soccer club. Meet my dad, sister, Jared and Sarah. Sit down to watch the game. Look at referee... look again at referee. Ref looks familiar. OMG it's Darren!

Now... back when I was around 16 I had a group of friends. The one, Bronwyn, had a brother who a couple of her friends fancied. So did I - this caused major problems back then!

I found it VERY funny that my little shy 16 year old self would never have imagined that this man she fancied would one day be refereeing her 10 year old sons soccer match. Funny world (well, it's funny in my head anyway)!

PS. Soccer score 2 - 2
PPS. My dad took these great soccer pics