23.07.2011 - Randburg Soccer

11h45 Take Ethan to Randburg soccer club. Leave him to warm up with his team while I go across the road to gym. Do day 3 of the running program. Walk back to soccer club. Meet my dad, sister, Jared and Sarah. Sit down to watch the game. Look at referee... look again at referee. Ref looks familiar. OMG it's Darren!

Now... back when I was around 16 I had a group of friends. The one, Bronwyn, had a brother who a couple of her friends fancied. So did I - this caused major problems back then!

I found it VERY funny that my little shy 16 year old self would never have imagined that this man she fancied would one day be refereeing her 10 year old sons soccer match. Funny world (well, it's funny in my head anyway)!

PS. Soccer score 2 - 2
PPS. My dad took these great soccer pics

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