30.03.2012 - 12h59 - Beauty shoot

I've been stressing a bit over this latest beauty shoot (I'm a little lost without our stylist Joanita). So much so that I even spent an entire night dreaming about freezing things... we shot it today and thanks to the talented Neil I think it came out ok! The step-by-step process of freezing then smashing was quite fun.

27.03.2012 - 19h15 - Dr Pepper

Going to get an Andiccio pizza after a Tuesday soccer practice is becoming a bit of an unhealthy habit... (I justify mine by saying it's OK as it's a Vegan one) this time Ethan asked for a Dr Pepper... I almost fell off my chair when I saw how much it cost - R19 for a can!!! Are you IN-SANE?!! (Tasted quite nice though :)

26.03.2012 - The weekend

My weekend mostly involved cats... yes, it appears I'm turning into the crazy cat woman (I even talk in baby talk when around them!!) I've decided it's really a bad idea to go and visit them as every time I go I decide to take one more... I am now wanting to take these two home with me in a couple weeks...

And of course I took tons more pics of them...

If any of you are looking for a kitten these three are still looking for a home :

I did however also do the following this weekend:
Gym (once)
Movie (twice! Marigold Hotel with my family and The Lorax with Ethan)
Dinner with Karen at Dukes in Greenside

23.03.2012 - 11h54 - DVD Premiere

The work girls and I spent the morning watching the DVD premier of "I don't know how she does it". It's such a great movie to watch if you're a mom - I could relate to everything except the high paying, high powered job... the sweet adoring husband, the two kids.... uh, yeah.... go get the DVD - or borrow mine :)

21.03.2012 - Mountain Sanctuary Park

Karen, Ethan and I ventured out to Mountain Sanctuary Park to spend the public holiday in the great outdoors. It was a really lovely day.

These are the things I learnt along the way:

1. I'm colour dyslexic (is there such a thing) - I slow down and stop at green robots!?
2. If you get pulled over by a cop because the "locals" pulled out the stop sign and you drove straight through it don't get angry - just giggle and play dumb - they let you go
3. If you walk over a slippery rock and find yourself plummeting down towards it's hard surface DON'T use your boobs to break your fall - it's sore!

That is all...

20.03.2012 - 16h12 - Super Mario Bros!! heeeeeeeeee

Ethan has been saving his money for months now and finally decided to buy a DS Lite with his savings. I found one online for R999 + Super Mario Bros. Takealot is amazing! I ordered it this morning and it arrived this afternoon with free postage!

NOW - I HAVE BEEN DYING TO BUY SUPER MARIO BROS FOR AGES for Ethan's wii but it's always been so expensive!!!! I'm so excited to finally have it in my grubby paws!

20.03.2012 - 07h52 - Shhhhhhhhh, not a word!

Yesterday Ethan and I got into an argument over the fact that I feel like I have to constantly remind him to do things and chase him in the morning to get ready so we're not late. SO... I told him this morning I would keep quite, not say a word and see how it went. If he could get ready and not make us late I would forever shut up and let him do it his way... this is how it went...

05h30: Alarm I put next to his bed didn't wake him up so I went in and did it.

05h30 - 06h00: Everything went REALLY smoothly without me chasing / reminding him of anything.

06h00: I heard a crash and a "uh-oh" come from the kitchen. He knocked his Milo over and spilt it everywhere. What I didn't see was that he also got it on his school shorts - he sneakily changed into his other pair - which were wet on the line - yup - he went to school wearing wet shorts... ahhhhh.

06h00 - 6h30: Back on track and moving along nicely again with no nagging.

06h30: On the way to the car he realises he forgot his soccer kit. He runs inside and gets it. Back in the car and still on time (NICE!) - almost at gate when he realises he doesn't have our house keys - which means they're in our now unlocked front door. Reverse back to house. He jumps out locks door and collects keys. Still on time.

What we've learnt: He is INCREDIBLY forgetful and slightly clumsy but still manages to be on time... I will shhhhhhh and ommmmm from now on.

19.03.2012 - 17h50 - Beauty Test

I had an idea for our next beauty shoot and now I'm testing it out - yes - it involves freezing make-up...

17.03.2012 - The rest of my weekend

China Mall - Bruma

Chill time

Decided to build this suspension marble track. What was I thinking?

Got it to work. Never want to see it again. Which is impossible as it takes up half my lounge

Spiceburg's with Ethan and Karen for dinner