30.05.2011 - 17h00 - My clever boy

...and even more good marks! Ethan got 80% for his EMS test - which means I owe him a Lindt chocolate (I promised him one for every test where he gets 80% or more). He also got full marks for all 4 of his Afrikaans tests - so he got these sweets from his teacher. Don't you love how we reward good work with fattening, artery clogging, unhealthy food. YAY!

29.05.2011 - Bush Babies

We had a family day / picnic at Bush Babies.
I always love the drive to Magaliesburg.

We went on their guided tour through the sanctuary

There's this spider monkey named Sarah who loves the attention from all the people. She was obsessed with my dads camera. Very cute.

The rest of the afternoon was spent picnicking (lying in the sun) and candle making.

My candle was a bit of a boo-boo so the man there cut it and made it into two candles.
This is how he decorated the little candle... love the spelling of my name :)

28.05.2011 - Sandton vs Old Parks

Sandton vs Old Parks. Sandton won 6-1. YAY!

26.05.2011 - 20h00 - Night out

Parkhurst night market + Espresso dinner + Espresso Bar + Greenside Bar = Very cold but happy Karen & Debbie 

26.05.2011 - Double C.R.A.P Balls!

When I got to work, Charlene told me to go to Citypower to find out when my area is going to be load shedding this winter.

I will have no power from 6pm - 10pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!!

Guys! You know what that means!? That means no TV on a Tuesday (that's OK, crap TV on a Tuesday), no TV on a Thursday (that's my night off - I watch soppy chick flicks and eat chocolate - crap!), and no evening TV on a Saturday and Sunday.... it's Winter, we're meant to be lazy and lie on the couch watching TV and eating winter comfort food!!!


26.05.2011 - C.R.A.P Balls

My morning usually begins at 5am. I then have a whole 90 minutes to get ready at a leisurely pace. But not this morning... crap!

24.05.2011 - 16h17 - hELL.O DEB.BIE

This morning Ethan thought he was so cool cos he could write "hello" on the calculator (remember doing that?) anyway... I totally blew his coolness away when I showed him I could write "debbie" on a calculator. BOOYAH

24.02.2011 - 14h50 - Health Challenge

Why the blur? Don't need anyone knowing when I'm peeing in a cup

So... at work we have this healthy challenge thing coming up. If you are healthy you get R2000. Nice!

They do a urine test (YAY!) to see if you're a smoker, take your blood pressure, make you do a step test (YAY again!), BMI, waist measurment, cholesterol and glucose tests. I'm all booked and ready to get me some M-O-N-E-Y!

24.05.2011 - 13h00 - I've missed you Ian

Ian was my boss before I moved to magazines... he's the nicest male boss (I say best male boss because I don't want to upset Jenny. Jenny is my favorite female boss :) I've ever had and a great friend too. It was so incredibly wonderful to see you again Ian (it's been around 6 years). Poor Ian went through my "rough years" with me - from unhappy relationships to shaving all my hair off, to lending me bail money (not for me - don't ask). You truly are one of a kind! Much love xooox

24.05.2011 - 09h00 - Highveld Competition

My mom just phoned to say there's a competition on Highveld where you can win a fully furnished apartment on a golf estate. The catch? You have to listen to Highveld the WHOLE day to see if they call out your name... so shhhhhhhhh... I'm trying to win a home

23.05.2011 - 17h00 - BORING!

OMG... my life has come down to pencil sharpenings! That's the photo that describes how I spent my evening!!??

23.05.2011 - 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Hey! Just realised it's my blogs 1st Birthday. Have been taking pictures for a year now. Did a rough calculation - I have take +- 4 229 pictures in a year... am sure that should go into the Guinness book of records or something??!!

PS. Wanted to put most of my pics in this collage... but only managed to get up to Aug 2010... shew. too exhausting!

23.05.2011 - 09h00 - The cupcake test

22.05.2011 - 10h00 - Let them eat cake

I got so excited about the success of my Vegan cake that I decided to make another one for the peeps at work.. it didn't really work out as planned. The whole thing fell apart. I was about to throw it all away in a mad huff but then decided to take the cake innards (YUM) and turn them into cupcakes... hope they're edible...

Took a break from baking cakes and took my mom and aunt out. Where, you ask? For CAKE!!!! Too much. cake. must. go. to. gym! We did however take a little stroll around Delta so don't feel TOO guilty :)