22.05.2013 - 08h01 - Love these two together

Ethan asked if he could please carry Ty to the car this morning. I had to laugh at how he did it... by turning his sports bag into a chair. He may as well have just put Ty in the bag. Boys!

21.05.2013 - 16h30 - He will eat anything!

I decided to try Ty on some veggies. Went to the store and was shocked at the flavors of Purity you can get... chicken and pap?! really... gross!! I stuck to a medley of veggies. He LOVED it. Starting to think this boy will eat anything you put in front of him!

22.05.2013 - 07h49 - Carrol Boyes Bread Bin

I won this Carrol Boyes bread bin. I feel this beauty will be wasted on me and my humble home so I am selling it. It seems to retail for around R2 000 (?!!?). I am open to offers. PS. I haven't even taken it out of its box.

20.05.2013 - 10h16 - My prize has arrived

My prize arrived for the comp Jen nominated me for on this blog :) It's like Christmas and my birthday came early all rolled into one. Now I just need to upgrade the rest of my home so that the Carrol Boyes bread bin doesn't stand out like a sore thumb!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

20.05.2013 - 07h56 - Waking up

Getting to wake Ty up in the morning is the best time. I love how warm and squishy he is but mostly I love the smile he gives you when he finally opens his eyes and sees who's there.

20.05.2013 - 07h38 - Much love

This just needs to be said - I am so grateful for all your help you two. You're my little angels! Much, much love to both of you xoox

14.05.2013 - 14h03 - Strange office visitor

I've had this video sitting waiting to be uploaded but wasn't able to seeing as the cats chewed my 2nd ipad charger!!!

This guy came from nestle to hand out some packages and got the girls a squeezing... (I got to hide behind my ipad and stay away from the embarrassment!)

08.05.2013 - 14h16 - I WON!!!!!!

I never win anything and I WON!!!! Jen nominated me for a competition on this blog. The prize is a carrol boyes bread bin and other prizes. Thank you SO much Jen and Margot, it really means a lot to me. Much love xoox