31.05.2012 - I'm finally a real mom! :)

Camilla is always coming to me to show me the amount of random stuff that collects in her bag - my bag is small and really tidy so I could never relate UNTIL NOW!!

Camilla - I found Ethan's tooth in my wallet's change compartment whilst I was fishing around in there for vending machine money :))))) I'm a real mom now!

31.05.2012 - 07h36 - Kittens make me happy.sad.happy

I've been a little sad lately and it's all because I'm afraid I may have to find another home for my beautiful kittens :(

I took them in even though I knew our complex doesn't allow pets as they were covered in fleas and staying in a little bedroom with 6 other cats and I wanted them to have a better home.

The other day the complex sent everyone letters explaining the complex rules and the one rule was about having pets. They said too many people now have cats and everyone has until 31 July to either a) move out or b) find their cats new homes otherwise they will come in and remove the cats themselves.

I've been looking for a new place to stay but (very embarrassed to admit this) I just can't afford anything else. I pay a ridiculously low rent at the moment - the landlord really likes me :)

So now I'm a little lost as to what to do. I can't move BUT I really love these damn kittens and I want to tear up every time I think about having to find them a new home.

So... for now... I'm ignoring the problem - very grown up of me :)

30.05.2012 - How to brighten your day

I'm so easy to please - give me nail polish (this pretty one is called Ole Caliente from Essie's spring collection) and it immediately brightens my day - think I'm already tired of winter!

29.05.2012 - 12h22 - WTF?

My images search was mom sleeping next to baby  - this is what I got? WTF!? haha (I blurred out rude bits as my son comes onto my blog sometimes :)

28.05.2012 - 07h47 - English good very

These are the ENGLISH notes given to the kids by their ENGLISH teacher to help them study for their ENGLISH exam... I'm worried

25.05.2012 - 15h29 - Planning time

Seeing as I'm being a responsible adult and not going out this weekend :( I'm going to start planning for my irresponsible weekend NEXT weekend...

I'm hoping it's another girls night out. We now go by the name of Johnny's Angels (Johnny, our taxi driver said we looked like Charlie's Angels when we were walking towards him - good boy Johnny).

We have done Giles and Great Dane and I'm now open to suggestions of where 3 single ladies can go for a night of fun and flattery...

25.05.2012 - 12h16 - Road Less Travelled

I have bought this book twice before and lost it twice - this is the third time I've got my hands on it (ordered it from Takealot.com) and hopefully it won't grow legs and run off again (or, maybe I should have taken that as a sign and stopped wanting to read it?)

25.05.2012 - 10h13 - Hi Jen

Jen is stuck in an office in the FAAAAAR corner and doesn't get to see us that much anymore. We stuck this on her office window to keep her company :)

24.05.2012 - 17h30

A friend suggested I rather change at work rather then in the car. The reason I haven't before is because I didn't want to bump into the stylish Grazia people wearing this... but I did it and now I just don't care :)

I fotgot to pack a short sleeve and can't run in longs so borrowed Ethan's spare soccer shirt... I felt like a total groupie - but I did get a "hey sweetie" from the U18's - NICE!

I was going over Ethan's exams (he's doing REALLY well - I'm going to be broke after this report) and I spotted this - LOVE IT! To be honest, at first I didn't realise that thing on the left was an arm - I thought it was something ruder then that...

23.05.2012 - 17h00 - Losing it!

I was EXHAUSTED driving home yesterday and thus not in the best of moods - until I spotted this sign - I couldn't stop laughing!!

Either a) I'm pronouncing this word incorrectly b) I'm incredibly immature or c) I'm slowly losing my mind but it's FUNNY!!! hahaha

22.05.2012 - 17h30 - Just a normal Tuesday night

This is what my car looks like when I get changed for my run at Ethan's soccer club...

I think it would look less suspicious without all the jackets - maybe then the dads would stop walking past looking in and laughing...

Got home to a mess - the kittens have found a new toy. Wish I'd known they were that easy to please - wouldn't have spent money on a kitty jungle gym!

22.05.2012 - 15h42 - WTF!!

I'm all for open plan offices - I've even quite enjoyed getting to know the girls I never really got to chat to before but OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some people can be so incredibly rude.

The entire office just had to sit through what felt like a 5 hour conversation conducted via speaker phone. Was it an important conference call? NO! It was one woman who obviously doesn't know how to / doesn't want to pick up the receiver and speak on the phone like a normal considerate person but instead makes us all listen to her call.

It takes a lot to get my blood boiling - I wanted to go over and slam her door shut but couldn't so decided to blog vent instead...

Thanks. Bye.

22.05.2012 - 07h49 - Killer sun

The blinding, killer winter 7am Fredman Drive sun is back. It may look pretty but don't let it fool you - it's terrifying!

22.05.2012 - Naked men

Last week I was ranting on about how men have it too easy - they can pee standing up and now they can also get changed outside their cars while I hang jackets up on all my windows and change at lightning speed hidden in my car.

I said I wanted to also change in the street - this Tuesday (eek) - well... I don't think I have the balls for it :) - will blame it on the cold...

21.05.2012 - 17h00 - Winter shopping

I took Ethan to Sandton after school to buy him some much needed winter clothes. We popped into Ackermans and I spotted this top in his section. I tried to convince him to buy it for himself because I loved it so much but he just rolled his 11 year old eyes at me. Sooooo I found their largest size - 13-14 and bought it for myself. I'm shopping in the boys tween section from now on!!

PS. It's too embarrassing to take pics of myself in our new very open plan office now... borrowed your office Jen - thanks :)

18.05.2012 - 20h30 - Robert Downey Jr.

After the movie I went jeans shopping - it was even more terrible then the awful romantic movie... I wanted to throw myself on the floor and throw a tantrum but ladies don't act like that...

Instead I drove home and cancelled my night out. Went to bed really early feeling incredibly sorry for myself. My lovely friends messaged me at 8.30 to inform me that Robert Downey Jr would be at Great Dane. I jumped out of bed - got ready and went out to meet him...

...It was a LIE! I'm so flippen gullible - but it worked - I had a great night - thanks ladies xoox

18.05.2012 - 14h00 - Movie Day

They were moving us at the office so a couple of us girls decided to go and watch an afternoon movie. We went to Sandton for a cocktail then watched The Vow.

After that movie I vowed to never watch another romantic comedy EVER AGAIN (last night I watched City of Angels on DSTV - oooooops)

18.05.2012 - 11h37 - Imaginary retail therapy

Feeling sorry for myself today so decided to do what a friend of mine does... online retail therapy that you never plan on ordering... so far I'm sitting on £538. Nice

18.05.2012 - 07h28 - Make me over

I received this exciting invite from Avon... really looking forward to it.

This is my plan: Arrive looking like me - leave looking like Angelina Jolie - go out and paint the town red! Nice!

17.05.2012 - Happy place

We're moving offices tomorrow which sucks when it comes to packing boxes but is totally awesome when you can get out of the office early to go and watch an AFTERNOON movie :) Very happy right now

15.05.2012 - June/July issue

This is my favorite page from the entire issue :)))))))))))))) Thanks Neil Kirby!

15.05.2012 - SCORE!

Just bought this from the work sale!!!! Usually goes for R1 200 and I got it for R200. So flippen happy!!!!!

15.05.2012 - Work Sale

We got told yesterday that we were having out work clearance sale today so it was a mad rush for us girls to get everything organised. Hot, dirty, sweaty this morning - not the look I was going for today - a little grumpy now.

14.05.2012 - Extra stuff

Forgot to mention that Ethan's siblings came to visit for a little bit on Saturday. They're really adorable and small - makes Ethan seem even more grown up!

Then... a bit of randomness... I saw the sun shining on this wheel barrow this morning in the parking lot at work - it made me happy?!