31.05.2012 - 07h36 - Kittens make me happy.sad.happy

I've been a little sad lately and it's all because I'm afraid I may have to find another home for my beautiful kittens :(

I took them in even though I knew our complex doesn't allow pets as they were covered in fleas and staying in a little bedroom with 6 other cats and I wanted them to have a better home.

The other day the complex sent everyone letters explaining the complex rules and the one rule was about having pets. They said too many people now have cats and everyone has until 31 July to either a) move out or b) find their cats new homes otherwise they will come in and remove the cats themselves.

I've been looking for a new place to stay but (very embarrassed to admit this) I just can't afford anything else. I pay a ridiculously low rent at the moment - the landlord really likes me :)

So now I'm a little lost as to what to do. I can't move BUT I really love these damn kittens and I want to tear up every time I think about having to find them a new home.

So... for now... I'm ignoring the problem - very grown up of me :)

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