30/11 Tuesday - 14h00

Charlene and I are getting high at work on these wonderful paint fumes... thanks Media24

29/11 Monday - 18h00

I had big plans yesterday to go home and pamper myself with my cool pressie from Camilla, I was going to mud my body, lift my eyes and plump my boobs but instead Ethan and I baked crunchies and messed around like idiots in the swimming pool... ahhh Summer, got to love it!

PS. We didn't even fight about homework - was a great evening :)

29/11 Monday - 12h30 - Lunch

I really do waste a LOT of money buying lunches so am trying from today to be good and bring my own lunches. So, today I turned down an invite to go get lunch at Beleaf - kind of glad I did cos this lunch I made is delicious! It's the Rustic bread and eggplant lasagne from Vegan Yum Yum (I replaced the sliced tomatoe with avocado).

29/11 Monday - 09h00 - Birthday?

Camilla just brought my belated birthday gift to work. It's Pure mineral mud (FUN) and some other stuff that apparently I put in the bath... soak in it then get out wrap a towel around myself and lie down for 20 mins - I can so do that this weekend! Thanks Camilla xoox

28/11 Sunday - Mountain Sanctuary Park

My dad was doing a photo shoot at Mountain Sanctuary Park so the family tagged along for a day of tadpole hunting, slip & sliding, nudity and sun. Great time!

PS. My dad lent me his fancy -pants camera for the day.

PPS. I highly recommend this place to all the females out there... the bumps going down the slip & slide wobble off the cellulite whilst the rough sand you walk on exfoliates those heels... awesome!

27/11 Saturday

I woke up this morning to find out that Ethan had hacked a neighbors tree to make Christmas decorations for our front door. I think it's adorable!

I also found out that my camera had broken (it had dropped in the car the night before at the Drive-in). I can't describe to you how sad this made me! Going to have to ask Santa for a new one...

Today was shopping day. Went from Sandton to Fourways, Sportsman's to Hyper - needless to say I was a hot, sweaty, moody monster by the end of the day! But this amazingly huge cream cappacino helped!

We finally bought outdoor lights (I've been wanting them for ages!)... This picture doesn't do it any justice at all. It's like sitting in a magical, romantic private restaurant when you sit on my balcony now. I Love it - drinks at my house!

26/11 Friday - 18h00

On the way home from school/work we stopped off at George Lea Park and watched some soccer.

When we got home Ethan convinced me to let him put the Christmas tree up. I agreed only because he won't be with me this coming weekend (beginning of December) when we would put it up. It's a crazy mess of colours (Ethan wouldn't let us choose a colour theme) and it's tiny and falls over all the time - but Ethan loves it so I'm happy!

 We then went to the Drive-in and popped in at McDonald's on the way. The plan is to be super healthy from Monday so we decided to overdose on junk before... I'm not really sure why I take Ethan to the drive-in... the movie begins and he's always asleep 10 minutes later. So I sat alone and watched Harry Potter... nice.

26/11 Friday - 11h30 - Two words I love... BEAUTY & SALE!

Got a call from Karen saying I should go see what was left of the Heat beauty sale. I only had R70 cash on me but think I did A-OK! I got the usuals then two fun ones. The one is an eyelift cream. It says "Apply strokes to form thin layer under the eye. Once applied look straight ahead and try not to make any facial movements such a smiling or talking for at least 2-3 minutes. SOUNDS FUN!

The other is a boob job in a bottle for R10 - very excited to try this one out! Yay. Thanks Karen. Thanks Heat!

26/11 Friday - 09h00

I have decided to shop veg this month (cheaper and healthier). I've found 5 meals that I can't wait to make. If you're interested in these recipes go to Vegan Yum Yum - there's tons more!

26/11 Friday - 07h00

Last night Ethan and I planned on going to the Parkhurst candlight shopping... we were really excited about it too! When we got home I took out Ethan's homework books to check them - BIG MISTAKE - caused homework fight #1 000 001! Now I would LOVE to post a pic of his homework so you could see why I get so worked up but I think that would be mean... let's just put it this way... it's not messy, it's a disasterous, bomb hit it, dog ate it and vomited it up mess!

I even BBM'd it to get a males opinion - see if it's normal a normal mess for a 9 year old. Apparently it's not...

We calmed down enough to get in the car and go to Parkhurst but I was in no mood for the people or the shopping (thus no pics of it), I was a bit like Scrooge in drag (girl, smudged makeup - picture it). We did however walk to lucky-moo to get some take out.

This morning we are good again, he even picked me a flower...

25/11 Thursday - 15h00 - W-E-I-R-D!

Found these two gems on Etsy. I can't believe people actually make money selling this stuff!

25/11 Thursday - 13h30 - Thanks...

Thanks for the Cappuccino Karen :)

I'm entering all the online competitions I can find - and I need to buy a lotto ticket (R10 000 000 this Saturday, although I did promise R1 000 000 to a friend should I win) - I'm feeling L-U-C-K-Y!

25/11 Thursday - Holy Crap Balls!

Remember the storm on Tuesday night? Lightning hit a friends wall - I couldn't believe this picture. I thought you were supposed to be safe inside from lightning (his arm even went numb - SCARY!)

25/11 Thursday - 07h30 - PAY DAY!!!!

This is EXACTLY how I feel every pay day!!

24/11 Wednesday - 16h00 - Essie

These essie nail vanishes arrived on my desk today... it's their fall collection. They arrived hidden inside a whole bunch of fabric swatches - I thought this was a really clever packaging idea!

24/11 Wednesday - 16h00 - Calendar

I'm taking a break from work (quick one Jen - keeps my creative juices flowing :) and am working on something for a friend. She wants to make up a calendar with family pictures to send out as Christmas presents. Fun!

24/11 Wednesday - 09h00 - Dear Santa

23/11 Tuesday - 18h00 - Christmas Concert

Ethan and I went to Saints to watch Jared in his Christmas concert. I've always thought Saints sounded like an amazing school. When we arrived I was blown away with the beauty of their chapel - Ethan was blown away with the fact that there were people fishing there! Anyway, I thought it would be amazing... it wasn't. The music kept stopping, there were long uncomfortable pauses and THEY DIDN'T EVEN DRESS UP! They performed in their school uniforms. Montrose - I will pay R150 a ticket to watch your school concerts any day - very proud of Ethan's school right now!