26/11 Friday - 18h00

On the way home from school/work we stopped off at George Lea Park and watched some soccer.

When we got home Ethan convinced me to let him put the Christmas tree up. I agreed only because he won't be with me this coming weekend (beginning of December) when we would put it up. It's a crazy mess of colours (Ethan wouldn't let us choose a colour theme) and it's tiny and falls over all the time - but Ethan loves it so I'm happy!

 We then went to the Drive-in and popped in at McDonald's on the way. The plan is to be super healthy from Monday so we decided to overdose on junk before... I'm not really sure why I take Ethan to the drive-in... the movie begins and he's always asleep 10 minutes later. So I sat alone and watched Harry Potter... nice.

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