29.11.2013 - 09h44 - Mr Price pants

Anyone who knows me knows I practically live in Mr Price clothes.  I get really annoyed that after wearing pants 5 times I have to get out my needle and thread to mend holes... and this happens with all the pants I buy... grrrrrr

28.11.2013 - 17h00 - Storm

13.11.2013 - 07h38 - Beautiful dress

I'm loving this dress I bought from a little chinese shop. I adore the back but wish I knew my way around a sewing machine to tighten the skirt...

10.11.2013 - 11.11.2013 - Mini Getaway

Lukas gets to see his first elephant - mission complete... time to drink

Seeing as my Lithuanian Lukas had not only never been to a game reserve, but he had never seen an elephant I decided it was time to take him. So we headed to Manyane Resort in Pilanesberg. We stayed one night in their tented safari camp. It was BOILING but a lovely little getaway.

01.11.2013 - 14h43 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I went along to the Mercedes Benz Fashion show to support Lukas who was walking in his first ever fashion show. He walked for Mille Collines. I managed to get tickets through work and landed up in the front row. When I wasn't watching a show I was drinking the free alcohol in the Media lounge. It was a brilliant night out and I was so proud to walk off at the end of the night with the lovely Lukas. Well done :)