30.11.2011 - 07h20 - Butterflies and Thunderstorms

I spent the day with the lovely Joanita and Neil shooting products and decor - I spent my time quietly drawing and cutting out foam butterflies. I got quite into it :)

That night Ethan and I were both not in the best of moods - we cheered up a bit though when we saw these dark clouds rolling our way.

We were sitting on the couch, me watching TV,  him playing cell phone games.  I grabbed his hand, opened the front door and ran outside into the rain with him. He looked so worried at first but we landed up running around and laughing. Usually I think of these things but never do them... I've decided I'm going to try and stop talking myself out of having fun all the time! Yay to stupid fun!

29.11.2011 - 09h41 - 80's disaster

Last night I played around with outfits and make-up for our work party this Thursday - I ended up looking like a cheap hooker... eeek

29.11.2011 - 07h27 - Noisy night

My night, by Debbie Farrell:

insomnia. eventually fall asleep. rudely woken up by someone playing their car radio incredibly loud just outside my bedroom window. it's just after 12pm. get mad. call security guard. security guard sounds half asleep. says he will go check it out. i know he's just going to go back to sleep. music stops. yay. talking starts. aarrgghh. music starts again. crap! i want to punch someone. hear downstairs neighbour come outside. listen. he knocks on car window. tells them to turn the music down as people are trying to sleep. man in car gets angry with neighbour and tells him he's being disrepectful. what??!! they argue for a bit. music stops. i smile. pull covers up. get ready for sleep. i hear a mosquito buzzing around my head. double crap! why are the sleep gods so angry with me tonight!? go huff off to Ethans room. sleep in bunkbed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

28.11.2011 - 07h27 - Weekend

Friday I made the mistake of going to Sandton to shop - then got stuck in this! Keep forgetting about this crazy road with its crazy road works!!

Anyway, I got home, quickly got ready and went out with Karen and her girls to Kai Thai in Parkhurts. Ate delicious food and drank cocktails - what more could a girl ask for?

Saturday was shopping day. Tried to buy myself some sunglasses (tried and failed). As soon as Ethan saw them and got that look on his face I knew I had to take them back - it's IMPOSSIBLE to find glasses that fit and suite me! Giving up. Also went to Mr Price and found these lumo socks for out work party. Nice!

Ethan and I went past my parents place Sunday. My sister has the cutest kittens... I very nearly put one in my handbag as I was leaving...

25.11.2011 - 14h18 - Maybe?

Today I feel like giving up on, drinking, stressing, money, men... running away and becoming a good little nun!

25.11.2011 - 09h15 - ...

Traffic has been terrible in Sandton lately and now with the rain I had a feeling traffic would be even more disgusting - so I stopped and picked up a chocolate en route to my car. What a life saver!!

This beautiful rainbow was waiting for me when I got home. Pretty.

The rest of the night... not worth writing about...

24.01.2011 - 07h09 - I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice-cream!

Isn't that just a beautiful sight? I bought Ethan and ice cream on the way home yesterday and even though I don't eat the stuff I still got excited looking at that. I think no matter how old you are, how rich or poor you are, wether you eat the stuff or not - you just can't help but smile when you see those pretty rows of perfection!

23.11.2011 - 14h21 - It's all about Jen, Jen, Jen

Our Jen is becoming FAMOUS! Don't forget about us mere minions...

23.11.2011 - 07h49 - Small minds

Sometimes it's better to have a small mind... instead of freaking out about Black Tuesday I can smile because I've just realised that my nail colour matches my pen. Nice.

22.11.2011 - 15h52 - Health tests and goodie bags

This morning started with Nikki and I going downstairs to get all our health checks done. Result: I'm healthy but my vitality age is 2 years older then my real age - going to gym this weekend!!

We then went to a function where there were TONS of people trying to convince us how great their products are. It's exhausting. I just kept thinking how happy I was that Nikki was there... my eyes would glaze over and I'd just stand there nodding and going "wow" while our brilliant Nikki asked all the intelligent questions.

I was really excited about the food - until I got to it. There was only ONE vegetarian option there... a tiny piece of toast with some green paste and a chilli on it :(

So we nipped over to JB's for some real food.

Now the desk is a mess again after unpacking the goodies... and just after we managed to clear it all up from the beauty sale.

18.11.2011 - 09h36 - PICA Awards

Last night we were finalists for the consumer magazine cover of the year!! This out of 300 entires!! I am so incredibly happy and proud of our team right now.

16.11.2011 - Exams begin

This is what my car is full of - study notes!! Ethan and I have both agreed that the minute he's finished his exams we're burning them ALL! A big "YAY - EXAMS ARE FINISHED - DAMN YOU STUDY NOTES" bonfire!

15.11.2011 - Bowling Queen

We just sent out the invite for our end year party. We've chosen an 80's themed bowling party. I didn't think Jen would be keen but she doesn't totally hate the idea - I reckon she's a pro and just isn't telling any of us.

14.11.2011 - 13h10 - Peanut *blah* butter *blah* sandwiches *blah*

We're roughly two weeks away from payday and I'm eating boring peanut butter sandwiches for lunch - gross

14.11.2011 - 07h13 - Study Weekend

In a couple days Ethan starts his end of year exams - this is the first time he is writting exams and he is getting incredibly stressed about them. So, this weekend I decided to cancel all our plans and just get stuck into studying... We bought this Get Ahead disc online and spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday going through it. The amazing part was we only had one fight over studying this weekend. Yay!

Saturday night I took Ethan to go and see The Smurfs and let off some studying steam at the arcade.

10.11.2011 - Beauty Sale done

This morning was our beauty sale. It went really well :) Tonight however, I am putting my tired sticker sticking fingers, change calculating brain, heavy box lifting arms and chinese market walking feet to bed early!

Thanks to Joanita, Yolandi, Olga and Hazel for all the help xoox

09.11.2011 - 12h33 - Baby Shower Guide

Just got our Baby Shower Guide back from the printers... and there aren't any huge, ugly, obvious mistakes... YAY!