28.11.2011 - 07h27 - Weekend

Friday I made the mistake of going to Sandton to shop - then got stuck in this! Keep forgetting about this crazy road with its crazy road works!!

Anyway, I got home, quickly got ready and went out with Karen and her girls to Kai Thai in Parkhurts. Ate delicious food and drank cocktails - what more could a girl ask for?

Saturday was shopping day. Tried to buy myself some sunglasses (tried and failed). As soon as Ethan saw them and got that look on his face I knew I had to take them back - it's IMPOSSIBLE to find glasses that fit and suite me! Giving up. Also went to Mr Price and found these lumo socks for out work party. Nice!

Ethan and I went past my parents place Sunday. My sister has the cutest kittens... I very nearly put one in my handbag as I was leaving...

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