30.10.2011 - Trophy's & Trick or Treat

We dropped Bjorn off at his house around 11am and drove over to Ethan's soccer club for their end of year prize giving. Last year Ethan didn't get anything and we left there in floods of tears. So, this year we are both a bit nervous.

My mom, dad, Herbie, Jared and Sarah were all there. When Ethan's group got called up my heart was beating a million beats per second. This is how my mind worked - the coach is handing out medals to everyone - YAY - at least he's getting something - the coach is handing out trophy's to all the kids - oh wow, now he''ll be happy - look at my mom and smile with relief - I hear the coach saying something about a tiger tophy - he calls Ethan's name - I take a second to take this in - start screaming - mom starts screaming - Herbie starts screaming - YAY!! - want to cry. My son just won the merit trophy for player of the year!! whoooooooooo. So incredibly proud xoox

I dropped all the kids off at Gavin's for the rest of the afternoon, went grocery shopping then took my exhausted bum and plopped it on the couch for the next couple hours. After the storm I went over to Gavin for Trick or Treat...

29.10.2011 - Cricket = BORING, Tickey = FUN

Our day started at 07h45 at Bryanston Primary school where Ethan was playing a cricket match. I thought it might be long so took a magazine and book along... I just didn't realise it would be THAT long... we spent 4 and a half hours there!!!! Cricket - you're INCREDIBLY BORING!!!!

After cricket we rushed over to the cousin's house and fetched Sarah. We then went to Ethan's school for their annual Ticket afternoon. This is a fun day organised by the Grade 7's that costs a fortune, but is worth it. We spent 3 hours there. The boys (Ethan and Bjorn) didn't want me hanging around them so they mostly disappeared for the entire time... thank goodness I had Sarah for company.

After Tickey afternoon we went back to the cousins house and picked Jared up. The 5 of us went for a night swim and passed out shortly after that... suprised we even made it till 8.30pm!!! Lovely day.

28.10.2011 - 12h54 - Funny, funny stuff

As promised... here are some videos of Alyn in action. Bear in mind that a) I was drinking and b) it was shot with my little camera. Enjoy

27.10.2011 - 20h00 - Comedy with Alyn Adams


Phuza Thursday was spent drinking champagne with Karen and Karl at a place in Craighall. Then going to Jolly Cools to watch Alyn Adams do his comedy show. He was AMAZING. I haven't laughed that much in a long time - you know the laughter that leaves your cheeks aching?! Great night out.

I took videos of Alan doing his thing... was trying to make them smaller so I can upload them... but am getting nagged to quickly upload the pics :) so will upload a video later

27.10.2011 - 09h13 - Bloody Blushing!! Arrgghh

Our new photographer just arrived to drop off a disc - I turned around, saw him (not going to lie, he's cute) and felt the heat rise in my face. I thought I'd handled it well and gotten rid of the blush but the minute he left Camilla turned to me and told me how badly I was blushing. F*#%!! I hate blushing.... get it away!

26.10.2011 - 16h00 - Pyramids, Bubbles & Mushrooms

Tonight was study night - Ethan has an LO test this Friday - so it was time to take out the paper, prestick and black markers! In between the studying we managed to blow bubbles (handed to us on the side of the road) and eat delicious creamy garlic mushrooms on toast. Nice evening.

26.10.2011 - 07h44 - Twirling Time

The other day I mentioned how my lovely Andrea brought back some gifts from Germany for me. This dress is one of the gifts. It's really quite short and I should probably only wear it at home or by the pool but this is the only thing I could bear to wear in this heat wave we're having... and it twirls pretty

25.01.2011 - 18h00 - Census SA

This form was waiting for me when I got home. It had been slipped under my door with a note to fill it in. It wasn't as long and bad as I thought it would be but it did make me a) feel guilty then b) feel incredibly grateful.

Things I'm grateful for:
1. I have running water inside my home
2. I have a flushing toilet
3. I don't have to use cow dung for heating
4. I have almost all the things on the list - cell, fridge, washing machine, computer, car, DVD player, DSTV etc (made me feel a little spoilt really)

25.10.2011 - 14h11 - Buddy break

Went to Sandton on a spur of the moment lunch with my buddy... his food always makes mine look so healthy

23.10.2011 - The rest of my weekend

The rest of Saturday was spent like this:

Gym: I wasn't feeling my greatest so decided to go and work it all out / off at gym. Ran / walked for an hour (managed to run for a whole 10 minute stretch - very impressed with myself).
When I eventually got to the stream room (my treat for the day) there was a naked woman lying there with her naked legs up against the wall. Thought I could just close my eyes and pretend she wasn't there but she kept sighing and spraying herself with the hose and making naked noises... so I left.

Home: Went home and didn't know what to do with myself (been spoilt with company and busy weekends of late so not used to having nothing planned and no one to hang out with).
Poured myself a vodka, lime and lemonade... grabbed my lilo and went to go and float. The first 10 minutes were absolute bliss - you know that peaceful happiness where you're so happy you could cry? Then some teens arrived, so I pulled myself to a corner and anchored myself there so I could carry on floating but not get in the way of the swimming / splashing. Well... there was so much motion I landed up bobbing around like a little life boat lost out at a story sea. I started to feel sea sick... so I left.

Decided to get some DVD's, lie low and call it a day.

Sunday: Slept till 11am. Lay around the house. Took Toby for a walk. Just as I got into the whole "not doing much" vibe the weekend came to an end.

PS. If this blog sounds like I was feeling sorry for myself... I TOTALLY WAS - the WHOLE weekend :)