30.10.2011 - Trophy's & Trick or Treat

We dropped Bjorn off at his house around 11am and drove over to Ethan's soccer club for their end of year prize giving. Last year Ethan didn't get anything and we left there in floods of tears. So, this year we are both a bit nervous.

My mom, dad, Herbie, Jared and Sarah were all there. When Ethan's group got called up my heart was beating a million beats per second. This is how my mind worked - the coach is handing out medals to everyone - YAY - at least he's getting something - the coach is handing out trophy's to all the kids - oh wow, now he''ll be happy - look at my mom and smile with relief - I hear the coach saying something about a tiger tophy - he calls Ethan's name - I take a second to take this in - start screaming - mom starts screaming - Herbie starts screaming - YAY!! - want to cry. My son just won the merit trophy for player of the year!! whoooooooooo. So incredibly proud xoox

I dropped all the kids off at Gavin's for the rest of the afternoon, went grocery shopping then took my exhausted bum and plopped it on the couch for the next couple hours. After the storm I went over to Gavin for Trick or Treat...

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