29.10.2011 - Cricket = BORING, Tickey = FUN

Our day started at 07h45 at Bryanston Primary school where Ethan was playing a cricket match. I thought it might be long so took a magazine and book along... I just didn't realise it would be THAT long... we spent 4 and a half hours there!!!! Cricket - you're INCREDIBLY BORING!!!!

After cricket we rushed over to the cousin's house and fetched Sarah. We then went to Ethan's school for their annual Ticket afternoon. This is a fun day organised by the Grade 7's that costs a fortune, but is worth it. We spent 3 hours there. The boys (Ethan and Bjorn) didn't want me hanging around them so they mostly disappeared for the entire time... thank goodness I had Sarah for company.

After Tickey afternoon we went back to the cousins house and picked Jared up. The 5 of us went for a night swim and passed out shortly after that... suprised we even made it till 8.30pm!!! Lovely day.

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