21.12.2012 - 10h00 - All I want for Christmas

I'm sorted for Christmas. I don't need a man. I don't need jewels. I have a mother #%$^ bottle of Amarula. Thanks Niks!! xoox

21.12.2012 - 09h00 - Nikki's Birthday (not the end of the world)

Yay! It's Nikki's birthday! Happy times. Love you sweetie-pie, darling face *mwah*

20.12.2012 - 18h30 - Girly Christmas dinner party

20.12.2012 - 17h30 - Stupid machine

Trying to finish the mag before tomorrow - InDesign keeps crashing - late for a Christmas dinner party - only thing left to do is sip on a glass of wine :)

15.12.2012 - Woldrea's wedding

The day was spent shopping and relaxing by the pool before heading to the wedding. Thanks for the loan of your house Renthia - it's beautiful!

14.12.2012 - 19h00 - Pre-Wedding celebrations

Which involves guests breaking pottery (from mugs to toilet bowls) while the couple-to-be sweep it all up... it's for luck.

13.12.2012 - 11h14 - Gift Ideas

I've been taking snaps of things Ethan points out so that when I finally get around to doing my Christmas shopping I know what he wants and where it was from.

09.12.2012 - 14h00 - Family time

Ethan and I spent the afternoon with my family. I've realised a day doesn't get much better then a braai, family swim and afternoon storm. Nice

06.12.2012 - 18h55 - Teeth rotting stuff

When you're working late... your machine is crashing... there's no wine...

05.12.2012 - 15h21 - I'm being a bitch

I'm being a TOTAL bitch and I know karma will come and bite me in the butt any day now but I just can't help myself!!!!!

This thing I'm holding up is......... wait for it......... a business card that was handed to me by a designer! It is split into blocks that describe her and it's held together with toothpicks and sellotape.

I'm finished.

04.12.2012 - 12h00 - End of year function