28.09.2012 - 11h05 - It's my Birthday

Feeling very special...

I decided cake was boring so brought shooters in for the girls

The shooters were so popular Camilla & Adele arm wrestled for one

It's Phumzile's birthday tomorrow. Not sure why my leg is between hers...

27.09.2012 - 08h17 - Happy Birthday Google

Oh Google, my dear, dear google. What would I do without you? I wouldn't be able to look things up to try sound intelligent... I wouldn't be able to quickly check my spelling... I wouldn't be able to write my silly poems without your help... I wouldn't be able to translate Ethan's afrikaans homework. I love you google (although if you added Zulu to Google translate I'd love you more).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy!!!! xoox

19.09.2012 - 12h57 - Nimue Rocks!!

Just got my first (early) birthday present from the Nimue marketing team - you're SO going into the next issue! Thanks!! :)

19.09.2012 - 08h49 - Photos

My birthday is coming up and I decided to do a little collage of my old photos... there are so many... so many bad ones too!

They told my parents I was so shy I would dance with my head down the whole time. I quit.


After seeing this pic Ethan now agrees with me when I say I was a nerd in school! haha

My "lets try be a ginger model" days

First time I got properly drunk and my parents got called to so they must let me sleep it off and fetch me in the morning

My crush and best friend who fancied him as well. D-R-A-M-A!

Matric holiday

Sisters wedding

My Britney moment after I had Ethan