07.03.2014 - 06h30 - Bathroom love

Discovered this cute heart left for me by the lovely Lukas :)

06.03.2014 - 09h00 - Shoot Day

This morning I looked over - saw this - and realised it's time I bought
Ethan some new school shoes #badmom

Today was shoot day at Neil's studio - thanks to Eskom it was
done in the dark

Neil's gorgeous son, Sam was there for a cover and to help his dad

Trying to figure out how to shoot beauty

Discovered Woolworths has a 50% off sale! The two striped T's were only R65 each!

01.03.2014 - 09h00 - Lounge makeover



I spent the weekend transforming my dirt, drab lounge into something I love. Something that feel more me then anything I've stayed in before. I'm so happy. I have to say thanks to Irene for the wooden floors and Jen for the beautiful light.