23.10.2011 - The rest of my weekend

The rest of Saturday was spent like this:

Gym: I wasn't feeling my greatest so decided to go and work it all out / off at gym. Ran / walked for an hour (managed to run for a whole 10 minute stretch - very impressed with myself).
When I eventually got to the stream room (my treat for the day) there was a naked woman lying there with her naked legs up against the wall. Thought I could just close my eyes and pretend she wasn't there but she kept sighing and spraying herself with the hose and making naked noises... so I left.

Home: Went home and didn't know what to do with myself (been spoilt with company and busy weekends of late so not used to having nothing planned and no one to hang out with).
Poured myself a vodka, lime and lemonade... grabbed my lilo and went to go and float. The first 10 minutes were absolute bliss - you know that peaceful happiness where you're so happy you could cry? Then some teens arrived, so I pulled myself to a corner and anchored myself there so I could carry on floating but not get in the way of the swimming / splashing. Well... there was so much motion I landed up bobbing around like a little life boat lost out at a story sea. I started to feel sea sick... so I left.

Decided to get some DVD's, lie low and call it a day.

Sunday: Slept till 11am. Lay around the house. Took Toby for a walk. Just as I got into the whole "not doing much" vibe the weekend came to an end.

PS. If this blog sounds like I was feeling sorry for myself... I TOTALLY WAS - the WHOLE weekend :)

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  1. And I am completely jealous of your weekend! Even though I would have bypassed the naked girl making naked noises. That was funny.